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Whale Done Video

Whale Done Video (21 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Whale Done Training DVD (21 Minutes)
  • Chaptered scenes
  • Whale Done Leader's Guide

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The Whale Done video is the most engaging and motivating program to use for leadership training. This training video is the first in a three part series that inspires employees to do their very best work. The essence of Whale Done is building relationships with employees that creates a powerful bond that results in powerful output from employees. The Whale Done video is set at SeaWorld and enthralls all those who watch the huge killer whales doing backflips. But what gets people thinking is how the trainers get these large beasts to do it.

Ken Blanchard has been a leadership guru for over thirty years. His knowledge is very powerful. In his One Minute Manager video he demonstrates to managers his ability to quickly and concisely give feedback for improvement. In Whale Done, the thought process is about how do we as humans get others to do what we want them to do? Imagine having the power to get someone to do what is best for them or the company? Imagine the results.

The killer whale trainers in the Whale Done video don't even have the benefit of speaking the same language. But some things in leadership can transcend all barriers and lead to impossible to believe results. The people in your organization are your organization. They create the energy and generate the results. And according to Ken Blanchard and killer whale trainers, the key to achieving this is by focusing on the positive and catching employees doing things right.

Whale Done Training Video key points:

  • Explain the impact that positive relationships and the Whale Done! Approach can have on your organization
  • Identify ways to build trust with others in the organization
  • Identify and implement the five steps of redirection
  • Identify and implement the four steps of the Whale Done! Response


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The Whale Done video is a fun and exciting business training video that accentuates what employees are doing right at work. Ken Blanchard has been instrumental in the education of the corporate world. Situational Leadership as demonstrated in The One minute Manager won over organizations around the globe. Now the Whale Done video is doing the same and in a motivational manner. To read more about him click here on Ken Blanchard.

The interesting aspect of the Whale Done video is how it encompasses so much of coaching in just a few illustrated points. Coaches learn in the Whale Done training DVD that positive reinforcement works wonders over negative feedback. The Whale Done video emphasizes as to why. In fact in 2012, Forbes Magazine chronicled Blanchard on this style of leadership in an article titled How Great Leaders Grow.

Whale Done comes as part of a package in Whale Done 2-DVD Series Leadership Training with Ken Blanchard. The first program focuses on the attitudes managers need to take with employees. The Whale Done video is about focusing on building relationships so employees really pull through for their leaders and one another. There is no program that reaches audiences in such a positive and powerful way as the Whale Done video.

The second disc of the Whale Done video is the Whale Done in Action training DVD. It’s about taking the positive message in the Whale Done DVD and bringing it into the leadership strategies used at work. The Whale Done video reassures employees that what they give is of value and they will be met halfway. The negativity of another program can’t beat the positive message in the Whale Done DVD.

Set at SeaWorld, The Whale Done video philosophy was discovered when Ken Blanchard noticed how these small humans could get huge killer whales to do just as they want. In The Whale Done video it shows us how. See, these killer whales are bigger and stronger. But the trainers demonstrate in The Whale Done DVD that what is important is how they feel about you. The Whale Done training video accomplishes so much in building rapport with employees. Even if they’re bigger than you.

The Whale Done training DVD examines why leaders and managers and coaches alike struggle with getting employees to follow through. It is the number one concern. But the question not asked is asked in the Whale Done video. How strong is the relationship? In the Whale Done video the correct questions are as important as the right answers.

So in the case at SeaWorld in the Whale Done video you have these huge killer whales. How do you get them to jump? The fish? Sure. But they could just grab you and take all the fish at once. Why do your bidding? The Whale Done video shows us that the only way to get someone to do something we want is to make him or her want to. That’s it.

So if no one wants to do what the leader wants there is a problem. The Whale Done video demonstrates that the way to make someone want to do something is like in life. Have you earned their respect? Their trust? Their friendship? The Whale Done training DVD focuses on the power of positive relationships and what they can bring to your organization.

When someone asks us to do something the first thing that will click into our minds is why? Why should we? Have they done us a favor? Are they paying me to do this? If not why not? The Whale Done video doesn’t want to change that philosophy. That’s human interaction. What the Whale Done training DVD does is create situations where relationships can develop so the answers to those question results in a yes. Yes they deserve my respect. Yes I will do this for them. They have come through for me.

Reciprocity is one of the most powerful influences in the world. And The Whale Done video exploits this. When someone does something for us we’re bound and determined, heck obligated to do something for them. This is why sometimes we refuse gifts and favors because we know we’ll be obliged. So in the Whale Done video the focus is to give to get. To deserve to be served.

It doesn’t matter what organization your business is in. Whether you are in the police force or a Fortune 500 consulting firm. Who are the great leaders? In the Whale Done training DVD they are the ones who have been through what we’ve been through. The Whale Done video delivers a unique stance in identifying it is up to us to gain respect in leadership. Nothing is given. This can stem from Blanchard's theory on leadership style from his One Minute Manager days for which Fast Company featured him in a leadership Hall of Fame. To read that article click here on Fast Company Ken Blanchard article.

The Whale Done video gives keen insight as to what makes us productive. If you have a killer whale like in the Whale Done DVD that is compliant with our wishes, what do you do? Reward. But what if they don’t do as we wish? Do we punish? Studies have shown that punishment doesn’t work. We tune out. Is that true for you as well.

Let’s look at the Whale Done video from the perspective of the employee or Whale. Think of the last time someone chastised your performance? How did you feel? The Whale Done training philosophy states you wouldn’t perform well. But is it true?

It has been proven that people will do more to move away from pain than work toward pleasure. That is scientifically proven. So you would think punishment for bad behavior would work better unlike in the Whale Done video. So why does the Whale Done training DVD focus on the positive?

Because what has also been proven is that people will move away from the pain and the person who delivered it and anything associated with it. So instead of working hard to avoid that pain they quit or disconnect from that person.  That won’t help managers lead. The Whale Done video delivers an effective approach based on positive reinforcement.

The Whale Done training DVD has a built in system that connects managers to employees by avoiding the negativity. With it the employee will try harder to earn more respect. The Whale Done video isn’t about conning someone. It’s about coming together to win together. The Whale Done video comes in two parts and is available from Carlton’s Training Solutions. Feel free to enjoy our Free Shipping anywhere in the US and our tax free offer to anyone outside California. To know more about Ken Blanchard, The Whale Done video or Calton’s Training Solutions, click here at their site carltonstraiining.com

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