Tom Peters Speed is Life: Go Fast or Go Broke

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Speed is Life: Go Fast or Go Broke

According to Tom, "Time-obsessed management may well be the primary battleground in the pursuit of global competitiveness in the next ten years." Tom illustrates how time-based strategies have enabled organizations to accelerate their operations, while boosting market and profit share. 

Speed is Life: Get Fast or Go Broke, will help you make a revolution of speed in your organization. Many of today's most successful companies understand that speed is a key competitive advantage. 

They understand that working faster, delivering on time all the time and developing new products and services at an ever-increasing speed, are critical to winning and keeping customers and boosting revenue. 

Explore the growing importance of speed in organizations through four case studies:

  • Titeflex, a high performance, flexible hose maker show you how they brought turnaround time down from four weeks to one day.
  • Imgersoll Rand, a tool manufacturer, slashed new product development from four years to one and tripled its market share.
  • Cable News Network (CNN) makes decisions in seconds that take competing stations months
  • Union Pacific Railroad eliminated six layers of hierarchy in 120 days, and improved their on-time delivery from 40% to nearly 90%.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand the importance of competing in time
  • Learn through examples, strategies for eliminating or manipulating time-wasting situations or procedures

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