The Unorganized Manager Series

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he Unorganized Manager Series

The Unorganized Manager Three Part Series

What You Get:

  • All Three parts Damnation, Salvation, Devine Intervention Training DVDs
  • Meeting Break DVDs for each program
  • Course Leader's Guide for each of the Three Parts
  • Participant Worksheets on Disk
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Self-study Workbook on Disk


Shows managers how to develop increased management skills, time management and delegation for improved efficiency.

Part 1: Damnation

An overworked, disorganized manager finds himself at the pearly gates with St. Peter after suffering a heart attack. He works hard but not smart and thus creates a great deal of stress and tension for himself, family and friends. Now he wants a second chance on earth to live the principles defined by St. Peter to help him become a more organized manager and lead a better life because of it.

Training Points:

  • Incorporates time management and delegation skills
  • Holds a riveting plot with a humorous analogy to life
  • The wrong-way, right-way scenarios help managers benefit and adapt faster

Part 2: Salvation

In part 2: Salvation, our newly energized manager returns to earth to establish what he has learned. But his lack of time management skills and delegation put him right back with St. Peter at the pearly gates. Through this John Cleese training video, managers learn to see their actual purpose and not the function of their job. Managers learn to schedule not just the time for their tasks but leave time for reactive tasks in their job. This helps them make better use of their time, energizes the team and helps contribute to morale with the team.

Training Points:

  • Helps managers utilize time management skills
  • Assists in creating better team unity
  • Creates more energy with delegation skills

Part 3: Divine Intervention

Now our manager is organized and is called back by St. Peter after his follow-up health visit. His organizational skills are still lacking which is creating stress for his team. The manager now has to assign an overall object for the team to garner their key results and hit their goals. Here, the manager clearly defines what is expected of each team member.

Training Points:

  • Great for managers that are new team leaders
  • Demonstrates how to improve team management
  • Helps create organization for the team

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