The Unorganized Manager Part 2: Salvation

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The Unorganized Manager Part 2: Salvation

The Unorganized Manager Part 2: Salvation (29 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • The Unorganized Manager Part 2 Training DVD (29 Minutes)
  • Meeting Break DVD
  • Course Leader's Guide 
  • Delegate Worksheets on Disk
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Self-study Workbook on Disk


In part 2: Salvation, the manger goes back to earth with all the great ideas given by John Cleese. Full of enthusiasm the manager finds his inability to delegate responsibilities causes more problems. This program demonstrates how managers can assist employees to find purpose in their jobs. Managers need to learn how to schedule the time for active tasks as well as reactive tasks. So by delegating responsibility they become more effective and make better use of their time.

Features and applications:

  • Helps incorporate time management skills and delegation skills into the position
  • Hilarious plot line so story is memorable
  • Illustrates a wrong-way, right-way set of scenario for managers to learn practical skills

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