The Unorganized Manager Part 1: Damnation

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The Unorganized Manager: Part 1 Damnation

The Unorganized Manager Part 1: Damnation (25 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • The Unorganized Manager Part 1 Training DVD (25 Minutes)
  • Meeting Break DVD
  • Course Leader's Guide 
  • Delegate Worksheets on Disk
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Self-study Workbook on Disk

This John Cleese training video demonstrates to managers the importance of developing time-management and delegation skills.

The video:

The unorganized manager series demonstrates that many managers may think they are efficient but they cannot be truly effective until they develop their time-management skills.

In part 1: damnation, our hard-working manager is driving his family crazy. He works so hard but he's not using his time effectively. Because of this he suffers a heart attack and finds himself in heaven with John Cleese! Cleese gives him a second chance on earth to try to apply the principles he has taught him on how to manage his time more effectively. 

Training Points

  • Incorporates time management and delegation skills at junior management level
  • Engages in a humorous plot to make the skill sets highly memorable
  • Wrong-way, right-way sets of scenarios help the managers learn practical skills




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