The New Business of Paradigms-Both Versions One Price

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The New Business of Paradigms

The New Business of Paradigms Training Video DVD (18 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • The New Business of Paradigms Classic Edition DVD (26 Minutes)
  • The Business of Paradigms  21st Century Edition DVD  (18 Minutes)
  • The New Business of Paradigms Fieldbook
  • The New Business of Paradigms Tools for Training on CD
  • Leader's Guide
  • PowerPoint
  • Workbook
  • Transcript of the Program
  • Ten Pocket Reminder Cards

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The New Business of Paradigms video sets its sights on how to use paradigms to solve problems. What is a paradigm?  It is a problem solving system based on the way we view the world. Sometimes we forget that our problems may have more than one right answer.  Many employees and managers become blind to other options to organizational problems.


Key Learning points:

  • Choose your paradigms
  • Recognize the paradigm effect 
  • There’s more than one right answer
  • Paradigms are common
  • Paradigms can cause paralysis.
  • Distinguish data that is important
  • Paradigm flexibility is the best strategy


The New Business of Paradigms by Joel Barker helps us invite new ideas into our system.  To prevent a company from stagnating, leaders and employees need to be encouraged to innovate.  The New Business of Paradigms video documents some great innovations throughout history that leaders can learn from. They need to understand that past solutions will not always solve current problems.

In The New Business of Paradigms, Joel Barker helps us differentiate the paradigms that have merit from the ones we shouldn’t consider.  This Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms program helps us accept change without fear. Change is always difficult but an organization and its individuals have to not just adhere to change but create their own to garner success. The New Business of Paradigms video is of crucial consequence to any business looking to strategize for long-term goals.


Featured Benefits in The New Business of Paradigms video by Joel Barker:

  • Forests of paradigms
  • Examples of change that was resisted
  • Reasons to resist change
  • Emotional responses to change
  • Handling “Good” Changes
  • Definition of Paradigms
  • Positive paradigms
  • Harmful paradigms

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An amazing example given in The New Business of Paradigms video is the watch industry. The Swiss had always ruled this industry so much in fact that in the 60s they held 65% of the market share and 80% of the total revenue from watches. But along came the Japanese with their digital watches that told the exact time and they didn’t need to be wound because they were battery powered. Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms example is very interesting but it gets even better.

Who invented the digital watch? It wasn’t the Japanese. The Swiss actually invented it! Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms shows the example of a true paradigm shift here. Some Swiss inventors from the watch industry brought it to their superiors. They dismissed it because it wasn’t intricate enough and it was too simple. The things they were good at, those tough manufacturing processes that made the Swiss superior were no where to be found here. The New Business of Paradigms video shows the next tragic move made here.

The Swiss thought so little of it they didn’t even patent the idea. And the next year at the World Watch Congress, everyone got to see the new age watch with digital display and battery included. The Japanese saw it and it was all over for the Swiss. The New Business of Paradigms video then stipulates how vital it is for a company or even an industry to understand what is out there and seize it. The same thing can be said for healthcare. There is a major paradigm shift in battling cancer featured in Businessweek.

Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms is unique in that it gives key insight into how paradigms are formed and their results. What must be done is the main paradigms in our lives must be recognized and known well. Then we must face the fact that we must be open to replacing those known paradigms when the time comes when they no longer serve us to reach our goals. That is the whole point of a Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms program. And there are new paradigm shifts even today. There is a paradigm shift in education featured in The Washington Post.

Once thing to keep in mind when looking over the finer points of the Joel Barker The Business of Paradigms program is what they call paradigm paralysis. This is when a company realizes that their way of doing things is the only way. And this stifles creativity in the business world. There are great habits shared by creative people in the business world. To read about habits of creative business people click on this story about creativity featured in Fast Company. Creativity leaves them open to all kinds of problems unless they are open to seeing other ways. The New Business of Paradigms video is excellent not just in setting up great questions that can alter a business plan for any agency in any country but also give keen insight into how solving those questions may lead to a better way.

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