The Business of Paradigms

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The Business Of Paradigms

The Business of Paradigms Training Video DVD (18 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • The Business of Paradigms Training DVD (18 Minutes)
  • Leaders's Guide  

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The Business of Paradigms by Joel Barker asks us why we resist change and the things that prevent us from accepting new ideas.  The Business of Paradigms helps us recognize paradigms.  A paradigm is a problem solving system and a paradigm shift is when you change from one set of rules to another.  The Business of Paradigms video shows us how our paradigms act as filters, screening experiences and data.  Joel Barker demonstrates to us in The Business of Paradigms how we accept the data we recognize and ignore the rest.

Key Learning Points

  • Confront perceptions that blind us to change
  • Convert fear into an open attitudes
  • Understand the impact of paradigm paralysis
  • Recognize hidden opportunities
In The Business of Paradigms by Joel Barker, you will discover how paradigms affect your decision making process.  This paradigm training video will show you how to gain paradigm flexibility in order to see potential opportunities. Without adapting to change and new innovations, man simply remains stagnant and cannot progress. But when we open our minds to new ideas, we give birth to revolutions of progress.
The Business of Paradigms video shows how change causes uncertainty. This can cause momentary stress trying to adjust and reorganize a company or group of people. The amazing examples given in Business of Paradigms can be traced back to theories of evolution, flight, and Columbus claiming the earth was not flat. The resistance to change is obvious. It takes work. But where would we be without adopting the cell phone, the internet, and the computer
The key revealed in The Business of Paradigms video is that change is inevitable. So it’s all about how quickly a person, a manager or company decides to adapt to it. You can ride the wave or change or wipe on it by trying to adapt to it too late. And if one innovation is missed that leaves the company ill prepared for the next. The Business of Paradigms video helps organizations see that path and claim it as their own.


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In the Business of Paradigms video Joel Barker studies first why organizations resist change so much. But this isn’t anything new. Historically people who have tried to bring change to the world have been met with great fear and frustration. In The Business of Paradigms video you can see that very same thing. And in your very own office. Think of the latest change. Do you really think its necessary? Here’s why it is.

Innovations as described in The Business of Paradigms video are examples of how we as a culture resist and fear change. Especially change that moves us forward. We’re far more comfortable with the current system or even reverting back to one we understand and have come to know. But The Business of Paradigms video demonstrates that this fear isn’t limited to our culture or even to these times we live in currently.

The Business of Paradigms video chronicles how great inventors of the past were shunned because of their ideas. But the reason why we are so reluctant to change is actually pretty simple. A Paradigm Shift defined in The Business of Paradigms video is when a set of rules is suddenly changed. And the reason why younger generations are usually more accepting of change is cause they haven’t invested in the old rules. Imagine if you were in a basketball game and suddenly the new guy who had never played before suddenly picked up the ball and ran without dribbling and scored? He’s just defined new rules. But you’ve spent years developing your dribble. What to do now?

Even in the sciences such as medicine The Business of Paradigms video shows how scientists were unable to even process data that differed from that of their expectations. Can you imagine not being able to see that a vaccine wasn’t working because it was a contraction to a preconceived notion? So imagine in a business when something actually works well but it is suddenly discovered that another idea works better. The Business of Paradigms video is impressive by its understanding of the human psyche and how it processes information.

So no matter how smart a person is or in what field of endeavor The Business of Paradigms video consistently shows that our perceptions will change the way we see new solutions to our problems. And we can be completely blind to others. This is why The Business of Paradigms video is so enchanting and yet mind-blowing. Through The Business of Paradigms we see a new future where innovations can save our businesses, families and culture.




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