Performance Review: Every Appraisee's Dream & Every Managers Nightmare

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Performance Review Series

Performance Review: Every Appraisee's Dream, Every Manager's Nightmare 2 Part Series

Part 1 Every Appraisee's Dream

Part 2 Every Manager's Nightmare

These two programs work in tandem to help an organization in the performance review process. Naturally most organizations have a huge fear of performance reviews. But in these two distinct programs with one for appraisees and one for managers, the hilarious drama that unfolds helps the company use different techniques to make the performance review a productive one.

Every Appraisee's Dream helps employees in the manner that they go into a performance review. This performance management training video illustrates how things can go well and the positive outcome when things are handled properly.

Points in this video 

  •  Deliver performance reviews that offer productive insight into improving and motivating performance
  •  Appraisees and Managers learn to bring in a positive attitude and approach to performance reviews

Every Manager's Nightmare is a performance review training video created for managers. Managers usually find performance reviews as something to avoid. But by positioning it as an opportunity to be productive and non confrontational, managers learn the great skill of conducting game changing performance reviews.

There are of course difficult characters that show up to demonstrate the type of people and situations that can occur and how to overcome them with effective strategies that will be familiar and yet ones where all prosper.

The Performance Review will:

  • Help Appraisees and Managers bring more feeling of opportunity and excitement to the review
  • Staff will be energized and motivated to perform to expectations through positive approaches


Video training resource includes

The video (17 minutes)
Self-Study workbook
Delegate worksheets
PowerPoint slides
Course Leader's guide (PDF)


Featuring Hugh Laurie

This training video features Hugh Laurie, Andy Taylor, Jennifer Hennessey, Beverley Hills and Joanna Brookes.

Production date: 2003

Language options

English. Feel free to ask for others.



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