Leadership: An Art of Possibility By Ben Zander

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Art Of Possibility Video

Leadership: An Art of Possibility Training Video (21 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Leadership: An Art of Possibility DVD (21 Minutes)
  • Chaptered scenes
  • Training Leader's Guide 
  • Self study workbook

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Behold an innovative style of leadership introduced by the legendary Ben Zander. He tackles all types of business topics to help your organization achieve the ability to participate in the vision encapsulated in his art of possibility video.

In leadership art of possibility, Zander and his partner Rosamund concentrate on coaching managers, supervisors and even top leaders in any organization, and train them on their interactive leadership styles. Leadership Art of Possibility will help your organization recognize possibility and keep it alive influencing everyone in the organization to participate. This will advance your organization towards success.

In the art of possibility video viewers will experience the positive interaction between Ben Zander and his captivated audience throughout his seminar. They will witness how Ben motivates individual students to become part of the vision. He uses his musical talents to enliven his message by hitting bass notes, to stringing the vibrant notes on the cello.

The reason the art of possibility video has captured so much attention is because of Zander’s energy. He’s infectious. Companies know the one thing their employees can’t get enough of is energy. The art of possibility video introduces positive elements.  The real theme of  Leadership art of possibility is positivity stimulates possibility. So often workers are bogged down by the negativity of fellow employees that the art of possibility video gives them positive messages to infect other employees.


Key Learning Points

Speak Possibility.

Recognize the downward spiral and enroll people in the journey to Radiating Possibility.

Lead by making others more powerful

Look for shining eyes.

Quiet the voice in the head that says, "I can't do it."

Everyone gets an "A" (Give people a possibility to live into, not an expectation to live up to).


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The art of possibility video helps you discover a new style of leadership that will give every employee within your organization the ability to participate in creating great leadership and energy. Experience the phenomenon of Ben Zander in his art of possibility video. He is a world-renowned conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, as he expressively teaches a new and improved style of leadership in the exciting training video Leadership Art of Possibility. To read more about him professionally, click here on Ben Zander.

The art of possibility video is the vision of Ben Zander and his wife Rosamund. They focus on training leaders to speak about possibility from any position in any organization. Your leaders will walk away from the art of possibility video with the understanding that it takes everyone's participation to make their organization a success. 

In Ben’s leadership art of possibility, managers and supervisors in your organization will learn to keep possibility alive until every person involved in the project is enrolled. To watch this video on youtube you can click here on the art of possibility video. Then you will experience the positive interaction between Ben Zander and his captivated audience, teaching you Leadership Art of Possibility!

Join Zander in this best-selling art of possibility video and let your vision take control of you and keep it alive as you influence others to find their own visions. Become the leader and use the authority to motivate interactions and belief in possibility with the people around you. The power of the art of possibility video resides in these interactions. The power that spreads from the Leadership art of possibility from one employee to the next is astounding. In one conference documented by non-profit agency TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Zander provides a descriptive account how to harness this vast power. To view the clip of Ben Zander at that conference click here on TED.

Leadership Art of Possibility vividly demonstrates a new and improved style of leadership in the art of possibility video. What becomes apprarent right away is the energy and belief that Zander has not just in himself but his students. His interaction with them using leadership art of possibility releases their most positive energy in their work. Zander seems pleased and gives more and thus the student gives more and now there seems to be a syngery feeding upon itself. This is what the art of possibility video does to organizations. It gives a company a good virus. And the interesting thing about leadership art of possibility is how a positive plague can spread faster than a bad one. Soon the company is feeding upon the power of its people and the energy created in Leadership art of possibility program.

Fundamentally Leadership art of possibility focuses on how employees have to stay away from getting down on themselves and others. This is what Zander calls the negative spiral or the downward spiral. Here, there is no possibility. Only the fear of failure and what can go wrong. When we focus on these areas, trying to stay away from screwing up that is precisely what happens. So in the art of possibility video Zander keeps employees focused on all the wonderful results that can come from their postive outlook and work. And this leads to great performances. Leadership art of possibility focuses on others and spreading this positive outlook.

Benjamin Zander helps your employees realize that everyone has an impact on the company’s success.  In Leadership Art of Possibility, your company leaders will learn the power of positivity.




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