Harassment Is... (Hospitality Version)

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Harassment Is Training Video Hospitality

Harassment Is... Training Video Hospitality Version (19 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Harassment Is Training DVD (19 Minutes)
  • Harassment Is Training DVD *Spanish Version Free (19 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide PDF
  • Customizable Harassment Is PowerPoint Presentation
  • 10 Harassment Is Employee Handbooks 

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Harassment costs a company dearly especially in hospitality. Customer service is a very personal trade and the lines of friendly professionalism cannot be crossed. Guests need to know they will be treated with respect and staff need to know they can be warm and friendly to guest and care for them without having the threat of harassment of any kind. Harassment training videos like Harassment Is Hospitality Version are a means to keep everyone in the know of what is acceptable behavior and to conduct oneself appropriately.

Harassment Is Hospitality Version Key Points:

  • Properly define what harassment is
  • Clearly identify all form of harassment
  • Know how harassment impacts staff and the company
  • Understand the guidelines in preventing harassment
  • Report any acts of harassment they witness


Besides sexual harassment, there are other issues that a company can be held liable for documented in harassment training videos such as harassment based on color, national origin, gender, religion, disability, age, or race. Harassment in the form of jokes based on political affiliations, pregnancy, thoughtless comments, or any negative stereotyping can really cause emotional stress and the lowering of moral in employees.

The Harassment Is Hospitality Version is top rated among all harassment training videos. The program handles all forms of harassment in the difficult to navigate hospitality setting. Hospitality is the place where we are meant to feel like family. But it is important not to let the lines get blurred in this harassment training video. The Harassment Is Hospitality Version delicately handles this tough subject in order to preserve the wonderful professional working relationship that exists in hotel, restaurants, casinos and all of our favorite hospitality venues.


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Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version is one of those great Hospitality training videos that helps solve a difficult issues in the workplace. The hospitality environment is a very familiar area in which to work so it is easy for people to be confused about where the line should be drawn. In the office the line is easier to see. But in a field where special assistance for almost everything is a given, a Hospitality training video can go a long way to help create clarity. And sadly women are faced with this burden more frequently than men. Women harassed at work is triple than that of men in the U.S.

The first and most obvious subject that Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version handles is that of a sexual nature. In the friendly atmosphere of hospitality guests may misinterpret friendliness and good customer service for an overture. No other industry has this issue come up more simply because of the nature of service. So employees have to be aware of how to diffuse such situations but also how and when to report them. One of the scariest is that of harassment cyberstalking. This form of harassment is incredibly invasive and makes it difficult for authorities to intervene.

Sometimes harassment can occur in the form of physical misconduct of a non-sexual nature. Irate guests rarely become physical but when they do it must be properly documented as Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version suggests. The protocol for a grievance policy must be clearly defined so there can be no question what staff must do when confronted wit this issue.

Harassment of any kind made to staff or by staff is strictly prohibited. The Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version defines these forms of harassment as any negative comments made about a person based on religion, race, color, political affiliation, pregnancy, or disability. The steps taken in the Harassment Is training video Hospitality version are there to protect staff as well as guests alike. There are cases even today where race is an issue in the workplace.

Lastly, the Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version discusses how harassment in any form can cost the organization big in terms of dollars lost, law suits, and lowered employee moral. No one wants to lose staff and yet no one wants to work at a company where they are not protected from issues the law clearly defines as harassment. It is imperative for an employer not just to create a space for employees to prosper but where they are free to do their work to the best of their ability without the thought or threat of harassment. Harassment Is training video Hospitality Version is helpful to organizations as it clearly defines what is and what is not harassment and how a company can use this template to instruct all employees how to properly conduct business in the hospitality setting.


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