Harassment Is... (Office Version)

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Harassment Is

Harassment Is... (Office Version) 22 Minutes

What you Get:

  • Harassment Is Training DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Expanded Leader's Guide 
  • Customizable Harassment Is PowerPoint Presentation
  • 10 Harassment Is Employee handbook 

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The Harassment Is video currently ranks as our most used harassment video.

Confront the devastating truth of harassment in the workplace with the Harassment Is training video and raise awareness to help prevent it. The Harassment Is training video will explain the do’s and don’ts of harassment. Knowledge is key to recognize it and insure a respectful work environment for all employees.

Follow along as the video presents the many forms of differences that attract harassment such as:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation


The Harassment Is training video raises awareness by creating real scenarios that properly depict harassing situations. These situations help viewers understand what behavior is acceptable and not acceptable via a third party so it is much easier than hearing it from a lecturer. The Harassment Is training video defines all kinds of negative affects from this type of behavior at work. A thoughtless comment can really do damage to a person’s reputation and this form of harassment can do career damage and affect their very welfare.

The great addition to the Harassment Is training video is its word on the street interviews that give ideas of what everyday people think constitutes harassment. This perspective helps staff see how their perception of what normal people think Harassment Is can differ significantly from theirs.

The Harassment Is training video demonstrates the loss that comes form ill behavior at work. The emotional stress and lowering of moral can have a devastating effect upon staff. Retention rates can drop and employees’ productivity will diminish when harassing behavior exists. View the Harassment Is training video now and see how the polarizing effects of harassment can affect a workplace and how to prevent it from happening.

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Harassment is helps employees recognize the various forms of harassment that exist in the workplace today. It’s important that the Harassment Is training video implements all the tools necessary to protect personnel from harassing behavior.

The Harassment Is training video is effective is gaining traction in helping employees not just restrict themselves form this unlawful and harmful behavior, but also know what action to take when they witness others partaking in action that can cause harm to an individual in the company.

The Harassment Is training video identifies so many new types of harassment defined by the EEOC that are based on issues other than race. Comments that employees can make about a person’s national origin, disability or age can not only hurt feelings and lower employee productivity, it is unlawful and can be punished by law with fines. There are indeed real liabilities that the organization will face if an employee has created a hostile work environment or made comments of a harassing nature. The law is very clear and the Harassment Is training video brings home how the implications are both financially painful and emotionally disruptive.

The excellent feature in the Harassment Is training video is its ability to depict very realistic scenarios. Harassment Is represents very diverse set of issues in areas as widespread as harassment based on gender, race, age, religion, disability and sexual orientation. The Harassment Is training video tackles these subjects in a way that is also realistic. No one is going to tell his or her boss off for a comment. The Harassment Is training video demonstrates how the real world is but how private space and comments regarding any of these issues mentioned is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

The Harassment Is training video features an on-camera host that helps usher along the vital points of the program and helps the audience in a manner of participation. The helps viewers digest the magnitude of what they are watching so they are not overburdened with information. The Harassment Is training video is constructed in a way to actually take these points in beats so that they aren’t overwhelmed by content and are more relieved to hear that their voices will be heard in a grievance and that the Harassment Is training video shows them how.

As the workforce is minimized by the recession The Harassment Is training video shows how it is still important to speak up for oneself when confronted with harassing behavior. If you have someone you know that believes they are being harassed and have no place to go because of the job market, think again. The Harassment Is training video demonstrates that if there are laws being broken it will not be you that is terminated for speaking up but rather the offending member of the company that she have to worry about a job. And the laws support employees. The supreme court has ruled on many harassment laws in the last few years to protect employees.

The Harassment Is training video also handles cyber harassment laws and how to protect oneself within the organization. With so much of ill behavior now being conducted online in the form of emails and texts and such, employees need to know they are protected here as well. The Harassment Is training video helps employee realize they do not have to be a victim just because the person isn’t standing right there saying these words. Sometimes as noted in the Harassment Is training video, words in print or on a screen can have a more damaging presence as they are more permanent and have more lasting repercussions. After the entire internet doesn’t have an erase button so once it’s out there the harassment is in actuality continuing.

Sexting is a form of harassment in the Harassment Is training video that is tough to get a bead on. There can be so much innuendo loaded in a text. But when employees are using a company cell phone, computer or blackberry to send these messages it can be even more damaging. And even if the harassment is sent via a personal home computer or personal cell phone, if they are on the job or off it is still considered harassment. The Harassment Is training video makes it clear that any interaction between employees that is of a harassing nature is subject to the same penalties and fines as when they are at work using materials presented there.