Give ‘em the Pickle Training Video by Bob Farrell

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Give 'em The Pickle

Give 'em the Pickle Training Video (20 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Give 'em the PICKLE! Training DVD (20 Minutes)
  • 10 Pickle Lapel Pins
  • 10 Pocket Cards
  • 1 Pickle Jar Sticky Note Pad
  • Give `em the Pickle Book (157 pages)
  • CD-Rom containing 58 Page Leader's Guide w/ Handouts and a PowerPoint Presentation

                                                                                                                                                                              Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought


Give them the Pickle revolves around one of the most important aspects of a successful business: Customer Service. According to the Pickle video, the answer to customer service is “Give them the Pickle.” In the Pickle video, Pickles aren’t just those crunchy green vegetables we know and love, but actually stand for the particular or extra things you do that will assure happiness from your customers. The Pickle video demonstrates how a Pickle can be as simple as calling a client by their name or reaching out to them by personal letters or emails thanking them for their service.

The humorous approach to Give Them the Pickle will serve as an inspiration for you in your company and even as a customer and show you a big impact little things, or pickles, could do. The overall message in the Pickle video is: "take care of your customers." Laugh at the relatable stories and entertaining graphics that are shown in the Give them the PICKLE VIDEO and use them as motivation for a happier customer service experience.

Give Them the Pickle is unique in its approach to customer service training. In the Pickle Video it's shown that thought and care need to be taken to properly assess what wonderful thing or Pickle can be given to the client that will make their day. Wouldn't it be wonderful if people spent time thinking what would make our day? In the Pickle video we see that feeling and how it keeps customers coming back and deeply moved.

Give Them the PICKLE Training Video Key Learning Points...

  • Service: Serving others is your #1 Priority. Take pride in what you do.
  • Attitude: Choosing your Attitude is vital. Think about how you would like to be treated as a customer and do the same for your customers.
  • Consistency: Keep your standards high. A good customer experience will result in returning customers.
  • Teamwork: The customer is the main concern and ultimate judge of your company. Work together and keep the same goal in mind: Customer Satisfaction.



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Give Them the Pickle revolutionized how customer service is delivered. The Pickle video explored closely examined what makes a customer experience unique and memorable. We’ve all had those experiences and we’re marked for life for them. Someone took the time to find out it was a birthday or an anniversary. That’s a Give Them the Pickle Moment. Someone gives us directions to our next destination. That’s a Give them the Pickle creation. And if someone asks something specific about us like what year our car was made or if we have any allergies, or if we’re comfortable. These Give Them the Pickle moments are available for any business to embrace. When someone says Give Them the Pickle, what they’re really saying is make their day. Tons of success stories follow patterns like these. Billionaire Richard Branson defines this as expressing a passionate commitment to serving the customer. To see his other 6 golden rules for customer service click on Branson rules to customer service.

Customer service is a very personal matter. Imagine. Our whole life someone has created Give Them the Pickle moments for us everywhere. Our very first birthdays were elaborately designed with all our favorite colors, items, friends and cake. And all these Give Them the Pickle creations came from someone who loved us. So that’s why we yearn for those experiences! When people go out into the world they’re hoping and praying that someone will take the time to Give Them the Pickle and make their day.

The Pickle video demonstrates this over and over. In the Pickle video Bob Farrell demonstrates how any company at anytime can find a Pickle Video situation. All it takes is being perceptive or even flat out asking the client a preference to a Pickle video moment can be generated. And how would you feel if a stranger took the time to demonstrate a Pickle Video moment? Would you come back? Of course! You’d want that Pickle video moment again and again. The loyalty would be insane.

And still there are companies that don’t utilize the Pickle video standards. The program is the highest selling training video on customer service ever. Even government agencies benefit from utilizing customer service strategies.. The city bus systems train their driver not in being better drivers but on customer service skills. To see a great story about it click on D.C Bus System customer service. But without proper training you'll get bad word of mouth. How many times do people talk about a bad customer service experience where someone didn’t give them a Pickle video creation? Word of mouth is the most powerful tool that works for and against companies looking to win the great battle for customers. If your competition goes and creates a Give Them the Pickle situation, where does that leave your company? So it’s important not just to know about Pickle video moments but to consistently instill in all employees from the front to the back to create Pickle video moments.