From Hell Series John Cleese Training Video

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From Hell Series John Cleese Training Video

From Hell Series by John Cleese 10 Part Meeting Opener Series

What you Get:

  • Bosses From Hell Training DVD (11 Minutes)
  • Colleagues From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Communicators From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Customer Service from Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Customers from Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Employees From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Interviewers From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Public Service From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Salespeople From Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)
  • Teams from Hell Training DVD (10 Minutes)


From Hell Series by John Cleese is a series of humorous, short videos featuring employees, bosses, and customers from hell. The From Hell Series is a perfect meeting opener, break entertainment, or meeting closer.

John Cleese From Hell Series video descriptions:

Bosses From Hell!

We often fear some of the worst bosses truly did come straight from hell. It takes a certain skill and training to become a good boss. Most bosses we may have encountered in the past still needed to learn how. This From Hell Series covers a wide range of stereotypical bosses that you are sure to recognize. The mere sight of them will may make you shutter. You may have worked for bosses like these, or maybe you were even one yourself. This collection of clips from such videos as Can you Spare a Moment, The Helping Hand, The Best of Motives, Where There’s a Will, and I’d Like a Word With You will help you see the humor in the negative side of bad boss behavior. You are sure to enjoy this collection of amusing clips featuring Bosses from Hell.

Colleagues From Hell!

Have a colleague that just drives you up the wall? When it comes to choosing who you work with, you rarely get that choice. Colleagues from Hell are featured in these clips from: From No to Yes, Talking to the Team, The Paper Chase, Straight Talking, and other John Cleese training videos. John Cleese is featured in the many clips you are sure to laugh hysterically at in this From Hell Series. You won’t stop laughing when you see these Colleagues From Hell.

Communicators From Hell!

Some people need tough training to learn how to communicate in the workplace. Communicators From Hell shows you aren’t the only one that has been totally confused at work. Communicators From Hell brings to light that sometimes we are lost at work due to the fault of a communicator from hell. Showcasing a From Hell Series of sidesplitting sketches, Communicators From Hell demonstrates one horrific problem after another. Each From Hell Series sketch has a meaningful impact and lighthearted presentation.

Customer Service from Hell!

Customer Service From Hell brings laughter into workplace issues that cause us some of the most frustration. Bad customer service attitudes and problems are addressed in realistic situations by a comedic cast who will make you step back for a moment and see customer service at your workplace, in a new light. 

Customers From Hell! 

Customers from Hell is another entertaining collection of comedy sketches from the Complete Hell Series. We all have most likely dealt with a customer from hell that completely ruined our day. In this From Hell Series video short, we’ll pause and take an outside look at the humorous side of dealing with the most difficult and demanding customers. Customers From Hell will help take your focus away from the negative feelings a difficult customer brings and place it back to your current job at hand.

Employees From Hell!

Sometimes being a manager can be the most difficult job when you have to deal with employees from hell. We always have to remain calm and professional at work; however sometimes it is good to just let go. This collection of Employees from Hell features clips from The Dreaded Appraisal, Managing Problem People, and Oh What The Hell. Employees from Hell highlights scenarios that you can identify with and will help ease your stress levels and tension. John Cleese stars as some of the funniest characters and demonstrates some of the most frustrating situations in this From Hell Series video.

Interviewers From Hell!

Maybe it's time to add some humor to one of those serious office meetings run by an interviewer from hell. Interviewers From Hell provides hilarious sketches that are great for breaking the ice or lightening the atmosphere, all while still staying on topic. This From Hell Series of comedic shorts can also be used to reinforce key interview skills. John Cleese leads a talented cast in this classic look at Interviewers From Hell.

Public Service From Hell!

Sometimes it seems like any time we enter a public office we deal with people who seem to have had an endless series of bad days. This From Hell Series of short sketches pokes fun at the frustrations we encounter when we seek help from public service and receive public service from hell.

Salespeople From Hell!

This collection of clips confirms your worst fears about the sort of salespeople that give you hell.

Teams from Hell!

A light-hearted look at what happens when teams aren't performing up to expectations, featuring clips from Talking To The Team, Meetings, Bloody Meetings and From 'No' To 'Yes'.

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