For the Love of it

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For the Love of It

For the Love of It Dewitt Jones Video DVD (25 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • For the Love of It DVD (25 Minutes)
  • CD-ROM with Rainbow Pigeons
  • Meeting Opener
  • PowerPoint™ Presentation
  • Leader’s Guide
  • Workbook
  • Support Materials

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For the Love of It Dewitt Jones training program helps us live life with passion and have a full cup.  Dewitt Jones, best-selling author of training programs, guides viewers to love what they do. Not everyone can love what he or she does for a job, but they can love what they do.  For the Love of It explains how loving what you do is all about attitude. 


For The Love of It, a Dewitt Jones training program Key Outcomes:

  •  Begin each day with a full up
  •  Find guides and models
  •  Act as if anything is possible
  •  Express gratitude
  •  Make your contribution
  •  Pass on positive energy
  •  Chase the light of life


For the Love of it with Dewitt Jones helps viewers discover the positive in what they do and focus on it.  For the Love of It Dewitt Jones video helps us live life with a positive attitude, love what we do, and be grateful for what we have. In a world full of opportunities it is essential to live each day with glass half full perspective.

According to the For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video, finding ways to love what we do only takes a few personal steps. First you must take pride in your progress and pride in your passion. One of the other big steps in For the Love of it Dewitt Jone

Is to express that you love your work. It makes work more pleasant for you and others. Another tenant is to contribute to the people around you. Not just at work but also in life and you will get so much back form all directions. And lastly, convey appreciation and a sense of gratitude to the people on your life at work and at home. Once you achieve your “love of it” you will be an inspiration to others along with yourself just by utilizing lessons learned in For the Love of it Dewitt Jones.


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The For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video asks some penetrating questions. Do I love what I do? Would I matter if you did? This question gets a huge aha moment from audience members around the world because it does. Not many of us love what we do. It is a fortunate job attribute that is rare. The old adage is if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. And most of us have to work for a living. So what For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video really asks is can you love what you do?

Dewitt Jones loves what he does. And he business leaders come to his lectures featured in Universities across the U.S. To see him speak, click on this link at North Dakota State University. And throughout his lectures he has stated that he saw so many people who didn’t Since he made For the Love of it for people who didn’t find the joy in what they do for a living he had a huge audience to say the least. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy what they did everyday. Most business managers would say that theoretically it doesn’t matter if someone loves what they do. But the research as pointed out in the For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video demonstrates that it most certainly does.

So managers now use the For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video so much now for supervisor training and employee education because it simply helps in productivity. When you enjoy what you do you do more of it and try harder at it. You stay later and talk about it more with colleagues. Think about your fantasy football league. Or any other hobby like your fascination with photography or Greek literature or roman mythology. If we understand the message in the For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video, we know that of course these passions become your interest and thus we do more of them.

In the For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video, it’s asked what’s wrong with making work your passion? He asks this very question in a video on Trendhunter. A job becomes less of a job the more it is loved. And like anything else that which you love, loves you back. If you show a lot of interest and care for your career and enjoy it, it will enjoy you as it were. For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video isn’t just a cheer up program to help manners get more productivity from their people. The For the Love of it Dewitt Jones video is a philosophy that helps us away fork work to get the most out of ourselves for our life.

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