Everyday Creativity by Dewitt Jones

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Everyday Creativity

Everyday Creativity Training Video by Dewitt Jones (20 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones Training DVD or Video (20 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • Workbook
  • 25 Pocket Reminder Cards
  • PowerPoint Presentation 

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Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones explains to us that creativity is not just a trait that certain possess, but an attitude.  This Dewitt Jones training video brings us the great news that creativity is not out of our grasp.  In the Everyday Creativity video viewers learn that open minds, understanding of own skills, and willingness to venture beyond expectations can help us become more creative.

Everyday Creativity with Dewitt Jones training video demonstrates that attitude is the key to creativity and we control our attitudes, thus we control our creativity.  This Dewitt Jones training video illustrates how creativity is for everyone.  The Everyday Creativity video provides viewers with nine key concepts of creativity. Through these concepts Everyday Creativity heightens how managers and employees can increase productivity by inspiring others to do their best work. 

The Everyday Creativity video focuses on the challenges that people face at work and at home. How to keep passion alive. Boredom can sometimes kill the motivation to try. Everyday Creativity is about finding that passion again everyday. The Everyday Creativity video doesn't just inspire cause that can be gone tomorrow. What the Everyday Creativity video does is give a strategy to create that passion and love for what your do consistently.

Through visual example, viewers are inspired to:

  • Understand that creativity is about perspective
  • Reframe problems into opportunities
  • Break those old patterns
  • Know that there's more than one right answer

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Falling in love at work is typically not a smart thing to do. It normally causes a great deal of professional problems and begins to erode any positive fusion the team may have in pursuing their goal. But now Dewitt Jones is trying to tell the business leaders of the world in his new Everyday Creativity video that falling in love at work, falling in love with what you do could be the smartest move that can be made yet.

Everyday Creativity is the idea of Dewitt Jones. This National Geographic photographer characterizes these great creative moments at work where we have an idea as falling in love. This is not what most business leaders want to hear. Sales numbers are down, employees are leaving in droves and this guy is saying there is a need to fall in love to be successful? Who would ever guess he turned out to be right.

Everyday Creativity demonstrates that the most productive people in the world are the ones who love what they do. Business experts have preached forever that if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. And the Everyday Creativity video shows the people who love what they do will continue to do it long after the paycheck has been cashed and the lights have been turned off. So how does one fall in love at work?

This notion of Everyday Creativity is one where an employee looks at a problem in a different way and sees a solution. She sees the ordinary and suddenly sees the extraordinary in the Everyday Creativity video. Now that crazy frenzy to get it all down, to purge the soul and empty the contents of the brain pushes one to avoid calls from others, ignore friends, be compelled to stick with it through any obstacles as if you were in love.

So the Dewitt Jones Everyday Creativity video makes a solid point. If you love what you do you’ll do more of it. If you see a problem that has you stuck you can solve it easier with the power of Everyday Creativity. And of course if you stick with anything through thick and thin you will have good to great success. The question is, how does he do it? Maybe the Everyday Creativity video is just to motivate. Employees get bored. Some days there aren’t great ideas at the fingertips and the love you had at work seems to shun you like the smelly kid at recess.

The difference that is demonstrated in the Everyday Creativity video is perspective. What helps every employee at any company trying to add value to what they do is their perspective and the psychological value of creativity. Everyday Creativity stresses this in his work. If there is an obstacle or a problem to be solved then the change that has to occur in the person solving the problem is perspective.

Confidence and trust are underlined as well in the Everyday Creativity video and leadership in creativity is vital. There isn’t a perspective of fear that the boss won’t like the work or fellow co-workers won’t be able to follow the new idea for the project that will set it all free. With Everyday Creativity there is a trust that the work that is done will come from the existing ideas and faith that change can be embraced rather than feared.

The more comfortable this becomes the view or perspective becomes one of abundance rather than scarcity. This is what is meant by using Everyday Creativity and reframing a problem into an opportunity. What is right with this situation? Where are the strengths in fellow employees that can make this problem be the best thing that every happened to the company? Dewitt Jones had an idea with Everyday Creativity that seems to have changed the way businesses tackle problems and embrace change at work til it’s becomes a passion. Like falling in love.





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