Can You Spare a Moment with John Cleese

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Can You Spare a Moment

Can You Spare a Moment (25 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Can You Spare A Moment Training DVD (25 Minutes)
  • Can You Spare a Moment? Meeting Break Training DVD
  • Course Leader's Guide 
  • Delegate Worksheets 
  • PowerPoint slides/OHPs 
  • Self-study Workbook


Can You Spare a Moment Aim:

Teach managers how to use appropriate counseling techniques to deal with staff members whose personal problems are affecting their work productivity

About Can You Spare a Moment:

John Cleese hosts Can You Spare a Moment, a management training video teaching counseling techniques to managers who need to learn how to handle all types of employee situations. When personal issues are affecting work productivity, managers need to use appropriate counseling techniques to address the issue. Ricky Gervais, from the UK version of The Office, stars in this hilarious management training video and demonstrates how even the most delicate situation can be overcome when a manager utilizes the correct counseling techniques.

Can You Spare a Moment introduces four stages of a structured approach to counseling in a humorous manner. In this management training video, you will learn the skills needed to manage the following situations: setting up the interview or discussion, getting the individuals talking by using open-ended questions, helping the parties think through their problem, and guiding the parties to discover the solution to their problem for themselves.

In Can You Spare a Moment, managers will learn the following counseling techniques: how to spot impending problems, how handle confidential discussions, how to remain neutral and friendly, and how not to impose their solutions. The work/home life veil is thinning and personal problems are running into work, just as work is running into home. Smart, thoughtful leaders of today need to develop counseling techniques in order to deal with sensitive issues spilling into work and affecting the work environment. This John Cleese training video will teach you counseling skills you need.

Can You Spare a Moment? Management Training Video on Counseling Techniques Benefits

• Complements any management course

• Suitable for inexperienced managers, team leaders, or personnel staff

• Key sections are ideal for supporting role-plays

• Teaches appropriate counseling techniques: setting up the discussion, encouraging staff members to interact, allowing staff members to find a solution on their own.

Can you Spare a Moment? Package Includes

• 1 Can You Spare a Moment video

• 1 Can You Spare a Moment training video Meeting break video

• 1 Can You Spare a Moment training video Course leader's guide

• 1 Delegate worksheets on disk

• 1 PowerPoint slides/OHPs on disk

• 1 Self-study workbook on disk

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