Sexual harassment is a growing issue in offices across the nation and management teams can now learn what to look for by watching sexual harassment training videos in the privacy of their own office or home. In today’s modern workplace, sexual harassment is more common but harder to see due to the use of technology. An executive team must use the most effective sexual harassment training techniques so they can quickly be alerted to the problem and find a resolution.

Corporate training videos are more popular today than ever with educational topics for all areas of the business. Sexual harassment is an important issue for an executive team to be knowledgeable, since it can affect not only teams within the company, but also personal lives of employees.

There are multiple sexual harassment training videos on this topic. One video is Sexual Harassment Let’s Get Honest and Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception, and Prevention. A human resource manager can leverage these training videos as a teaching aide for his staff.

The training video Sexual Harassment Let’s Get Honest is a powerful presentation breaking down harassment and how to prevent it. Technology allows an employee to harass another co-worker without physically being there but with 100% of the same negative impact. Beyond technology harassment, a supervisor must be aware of the traditional signs such as not respecting personal space and improper touching or hand gestures. This title can be used to define harassment in general but focuses on sexual harassment.

Prevention training is a key element when educating a team and the popular video Sexual Harassment: Awareness, Perception and Prevention breaks down these points. Setting the guidelines to increase awareness is the first step to prevent harassment. A team’s perception of what is sexual harassment is set by the ability of the corporation to state their position. This title will ultimately decrease the chance of harassment in the workplace allowing the staff to feel safe.

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