1 on 1: Informal Employee Performance Review

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1 on 1: Informal Employee Performance Review

1 on 1: Informal Employee Performance Review

What you Get:

  • 1 on 1 Informal Employee Performance Review Training DVD (Long Version) 40 Minutes
  • 1 on 1 Informal Employee Performance Review Training DVD (Short Version) 27 Minutes)
  • Building Employee Morale: Missed Opportunities (18 Mins)
  • Copy of the 1 on 1 Employee Performance Review Information Script
  • Discussion Guide


Recurring, one-on-one, informal employee performance reviews, can improve employee morale, employee performance, and employee retention. This dramatic video offers instruction and tips for conducting meaningful and productive one-on-one meetings. 

Video Synopsis of 1 on 1- Informal Employee Performance Review

John, an information technology manager, is stopped in the hallway by Linda, an operations manager, and Linda's boss, Jim. They want John's unit to make some improvements to employee performance reports they get each month from the I.T. department. In this short exchange, John learns that Linda and Jim are meeting with each of their direct reports each month, one-on-one, to do informal performance reviews.

Curiosity gets the best of John, and he takes Jim and Linda out to lunch so they can give him a how-to crash course on one-on-one informal employee performance reviews.

John definitely keeps things interesting; he is obviously a sharp manager with a will to do his job better, but his dry humor and sarcasm will make you wonder how he was promoted into management in the first place.

Through a series of vignettes where John is practicing the lessons Linda and Jim have given him, we get to see that John is a very talented coach; in the setting of a one-on-one, his gift for coaching and listening shines. As a plus, we also get to see John confronted about his "misuse" of humor by an unlikely messenger.

As another plus, this video features a scene called the "The Meets Problem" that suggests a solution to the problem of employees feeling like they've received a poor score when they've been rated as "Meeting Standards."

Training Points:

  • Planning for recurring one-on-ones.
  • Managing performance reports through a suggested binder-system.
  • The importance of SHOWING UP!
  • What to cover during one-on-ones.
  • Informally reviewing performance.
  • A "Meets" rating is a good thing, not something that is simply unimpressive.
  • How to extract company / process improvements with a simple question.
  • The importance of 180-degree feedback; How are YOU (the manager) doing?
  • The importance of documenting key points, and actions plans discussed during the one on one.

VIDEO USES: Management Skills, Quality, Process Improvement, 180-Degree Feedback, HR Management, Employee Coaching, Retention, Employee Discipline, and Performance Evaluation.

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