You Can STOP Harassment 2 Part Series

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You Can STOP Harassment


The individual and organizational costs of workplace harassment are enormous. While sexual harassment has commanded much of the media’s attention, inappropriate and illegal behavior at work goes far beyond gender issues. In most workplaces it's all too common to find employees who have been personally touched by the intimidation and discomfort of workplace harassment - as observers, targets or as one of those accused of harassing others.

Despite the dark picture harassment can create, there is good news for organizations and employees. If we work together, we can stop harassment. To accomplish this will take a united effort by all those affected by harassment at work. This includes the offenders, those they offend, observers of the behavior, and organizational leaders. What distinguishes You Can STOP Harassment is its positive message. The programs in this series are not about pointing fingers and assigning blame. We all share responsibility for stopping workplace harassment. It isn’t easy work. The reasons for harassment are many and the roots run deep. Working together, however, we can make great progress toward creating workplaces where people feel safe, valued and free to do their best work.

You Can STOP Harassment is comprised of short dramatizations that explore harassment issues that are common within organizations. Each scenario is analyzed by a diverse group of legal, human resources and communications experts. These practitioners discuss the significance of the dramatization and suggest guidelines when encountering a similar situation. Several scenarios are "rewound" and played again, modeling appropriate, respectful communication.

Key Learning Points

  • What illegal harassment is and its impact at work
  • The need to support our co-workers in facing up to harassment
  • How to confront harassment to make it stop
  • How to defuse disrespectful or harassing situations
  • The importance of modeling appropriate behavior
  • The liabilities managers and organizations face
  • How to handle a harassment complaint

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