Workplace Violence

Workplace Violence

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  1. Be S.A.F.E. (Not Sorry)™: Preventing Violence in the Workplace

    Be S.A.F.E. (Not Sorry)™: Preventing Violence in the Workplace

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    <p> <em>Violent behavior in the workplace can lead to physical assault and even homicide. Employees who don&#39;t recognize the warning signs won&#39;t be equipped to protect themselves from a potentially violent outburst.</em></p> <h2> About Be S.A.F.E. (Not Sorry)&trade;:</h2> <p> Promote a safe workplace with <strong><em>Be S.A.F.E. (Not Sorry)</em></strong><strong><em><sup>&trade;</sup></em></strong>. The program&rsquo;s compelling vignettes bring to light the consequence of workplace violence, leaving a lasting impression on participants. Using the S.A.F.E. model, employees learn to recognize warning signs of potential threatening behavior in the workplace and take steps to protect themselves and others.</p> <h3> Learning Point Highlights</h3> <ul> <li> Alerts employees to be aware of potential threatening behaviors</li> <li> Offers guidelines for responding to and reporting incidents</li> <li> Outlines four steps for preventing workplace violence</li> </ul> <h3> Workshop Objectives</h3> <ul> <li> Understand that prevention begins with general awareness</li> <li> Understand that incidents of catastrophic workplace violence are almost always the result of a series of smaller incidents that go unnoticed</li> <li> Know how to recognize and respond to the warning signs by using the S.A.F.E. model</li> </ul> <h3> Self Study Objectives</h3> <ul> <li> Understand that prevention begins with general awareness</li> <li> Understand that incidents of catastrophic workplace violence are almost always the result of a series of smaller incidents that go unnoticed</li> </ul> Learn More
  2. Legal Briefs - Workplace Violence

    Legal Briefs - Workplace Violence


    <div class="product_desc"> <p> <em>The Legal Role in Keeping Your Workplace Safe</em><br /> <br /> No organization wants its name on the front-page when the headline involves workplace violence. This program explores preventive measures and examines the legal obligations of managers and their organizations. <br /> <br /> Topics include hiring policies, appropriate responses to angry outbursts, dealing with employee threats, procedures for investigating rumors and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.<br /> <br /> Making the workplace safe from violence is a high priority for organizations today. But there is a real risk of legal liability as well. Because of workplace violence, organizations have been sued for negligent hiring and retention, constructive discharge, and failure to provide a secure environment. <br /> <br /> The Workplace Violence module from The Legal Briefs Series will help insure your managers know their legal obligation and the actions they can take to keep your workplace safe and out of court. <br /> <br /> This program also provides specific instructions on how to appropriately and legally investigate rumors, do background checks and employment screenings, and more.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <h3> Learning Point Highlights</h3> <ul> <li> How to approach pre-employment screenings, what types of questions to ask references-and how to avoid illegal questions, misuse of information, and negligent hiring</li> <li> How to respond appropriately and immediately to acts of employee temper</li> <li> How to respond to an employee who makes threat towards an outsider</li> <li> How to investigate rumors of threats and maintain confidentiality</li> </ul> <p> <strong>Run Time:</strong> 17 Minutes</p> </div> Learn More
  3. Smart Start: Workplace Violence - Before It's Too Late

    Smart Start: Workplace Violence - Before It's Too Late


    <p> <span style="color: rgb(44, 62, 73); font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 10.909090995788574px; ">The workplace violence meeting opener video uses images, quotes and music to prepare your audience for any Workplace Violence Prevention training program, or may stand-alone for any meeting or session where you want to emphasize the important role your managers play in protecting your organization and its employees from Violence.</span></p> Learn More
  4. Workplace Violence: First Line Defence

    Workplace Violence: First Line Defense


    <p> <b>Topics:</b> Workplace Violence</p> <p> As the second-leading cause of workplace death, violence represents a challenge to employers who must be prepared to respond and manage these incidents. This program uses an interview with a convicted perpetrator as well as a compelling dramatization to communicate the impact of this problem.</p> Learn More
  5. Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm

    Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm


    <p> <b>What&#39;s Included:</b> Leader&#39;s Guide <br /> (Program length: <strong>27 minutes</strong>)</p> <p> In one year alone, workplace violence accounted for one out of five work-related deaths in the U.S. This video program is designed to help supervisors and employees identify the warning signs of workplace violence and prevent it.</p> Learn More
  6. Workplace Violence: The Risk From Within

    Workplace Violence: The Risk From Within


    <p> Workplace stress doesn&#39;t have to culminate in employee violence. Open channels of communication provide outlets for employees to express their personal and professional frustrations. Knowing how, when and with whom to open those channels is the subject of The Risk From Within. Even trained professionals can&#39;t reliably predict a person&#39;s capacity for violence. But managers can learn to observe the telling signs of excessive stress that might be red flags pointing to more dangerous behavior to come. It is every manager&#39;s job to understand their role in managing the potential for violence in the workplace. Workplace Violence: The Risk From Within is a workplace violence and harassment training video in which experts in risk management and human psychology offer practical advice to help managers:</p> Learn More

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Violence in the workplace videos demonstrates that every year there are over one million cases of Workplace Violence in the US. Almost every case has a build up of nine to twelve months of violent behavior and threats before an incident occurs. This means they are preventable. The workplace violence training videos below by Carlton’s Training Solutions address these situations with the confidence and resilience to make the workplace safer for everyone.

A great workplace violence training video is Workplace Violence: The First Line of Defense. This training video deals with the tragic situation of violence in the workplace. How to prevent it and what steps need top be taken consistently to keep employees safe. Violence in the workplace videos like Be Safe not Sorry: Preventing Violence in the Workplace shows employees how to recognize building situations building towards violence and how to diffuse them.

Violence in the workplace videos like Workplace violence: The Calm Before the Storm demonstrates how warning signals can be identified in a workplace violence training video. Employees have to know how to identify these burgeoning issues and how to properly report them before an n incident occurs. Violence in the workplace videos are a great way for employees to see problems as they can see problems through a third party and characters so everything is far less threatening.

In the workplace violence training video Legal Briefs: Workplace Violence, the program covers many areas that if handled inappropriately can lead to problems. The first thing the program looks into is hiring practices of organizations. A workplace violence training video that is compliant with hiring practices is essential to protecting the welfare of staff. It is also vital that the company have in place a measure for how to handle angry outbursts from employees that can often trigger or preclude violent behavior toward fellow employees.

Another aspect of this workplace violence training video is dealing with threats and what they mean to the organization as a whole. A workplace violence training video that handles instances where threats become reality is crucial to keeping the company form making the headlines in a bad way. There also needs to be in place violence in the workplace videos that demonstrate how proper investigation of rumors is important to protecting the reputations of individuals within the organization.

Workplace Violence: the Risk From Within is a workplace violence training video that offers ways for communication to be opened up so frustrations don’t boil over to violence. Trained professionals have studied for signals that can indicate whether someone’s behavior can be prone to violence. Violence in the workplace videos have to provide experts that can offer expertise in how to recognize signals of when an employee is reaching their limit and how to handle them when they do. Excessive threats are red flags that can lead to violent outbursts that can harm employees.

The workplace violence training video Smart Start Workplace Violence: Before It’s Too Late meeting opener is a quick refresher to remind employees what the goals of the organization are in regards to keeping staff safe. The quotes in this workplace violence training video are strong and memorable accompanied by music that reinforces how vital it is to prevent workplace violence. This three-minute program one of the violence in the workplace videos that can make a difference between a happy, healthy organization and one that is memorable for negative images no one wants associated with their company.

Termination practices are imperative in violence in the workplace videos. It demonstrates in Be Safe Not Sorry Preventing Violence in The Workplace, that If there is not a plan of action on how to smoothly transition employees out of the workforce consistently, there can be violent outbursts that can affect the company. So often it is just a nice handshake and polite tone in the process that can change a potentially threatening situation into one of well wishes and tearful goodbyes. Violence in the workplace videos can examine and demonstrate these tactics very clearly through the characters they represent in the company.

OSHA standards on workplace violence are very clear in regards to how employees should interact with one another in regards to any form of violence. Also managers are shown which type of behavior is an early warning sign to future violent behavior.

Workplace violence can be the result of so many factors that are are to reason with logically. There have been stories of terminated employees coming back to harm people that weren't even employed there when they were fired. There have even been shootings due to fellow employees' political affiliations.

Utilizing a workplace violence training video, there is no easy way around this very sensitive and difficult subject. The fact is people get hurt when the signs aren’t recognized and possible problems aren’t put to rest. Learn to handle these situations and make the workplace safe and happy place where people love to come to work. Take advantage our free shipping now anywhere in the US and tax free outside of California. To view more workplace violence training videos click here at