Who Sold You This Then? Original John Cleese Video

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Who sold You This Then Original

Who Sold You This Then John Cleese Version (20 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Who Sold You This Then Training DVD (20 Minutes)
  • Leader's guide


Who Sold You This Then assists with service staff to conduct themselves with a professional manner in all customer service situations.

Who Sold You This Then training video summary:

John Cleese stars as Charlie the service repairman who is called on to service all sorts of different organizations. Instead of being a great representative of his company and offering suggestions and fixing the problems, he criticizes the customer and their products, his own company and the salesperson who sold them the product not to mention the customer themselves! 

A hi-tech machine breaks down at a computer center and requires a new part. After the customer hears Charlie ranting on the phone to his company he sees they will never be able to help him. While helping a customer with a household security system Charlie criticizes the salesperson and engineer that represented the product and leaves the customer with a bad feeling.

Charlie finally realizes he needs to be a trouble-shooter and stop being a troublemaker. He begins to understand his role and even repairs a restaurant owner's oven and leaves the chef very happy. So happy in fact, that he signs an additional service contract and even signs up for a kitchen upgrade. Through this John Cleese training video, employees will learn how the service they provide reflects directly on the customer and the company as well.


Who Sold You This Then? Service staff training video key outcomes:

• Represent the company in a professional manner

• Learn the skills that satisfy customers

• Execute the service provided with great confidence

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