Tom Peters Service With Soul

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Service With Soul

In this program, you will see five extraordinary organizations that define the cutting edge of customer service. Each of these organizations demonstrates what obsession with customers can do to foster success. 

Tom shows you how a commitment to training, the creative use of information technology, and the entrepreneurial spirit define world-class service. You will go on location to:

  • K. Barchetti Shops
  • Nypro
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Demar Plumbing
  • Chicago Police Department

Key Learning Points

  • Use training to build a culture of customer service
  • Understand the key characteristics of world class service
  • See great service in action

 One of Training Media Review's Top Ten Products!

 Service with Soul 

The setting for Peters' excursion through soulful service is a stage-in-the-round. Scattered among the live audience are some of the people he lauds. Logos of the featured organizations hang as backdrops and provide a novel means for presenting their stories without distracting from Peters' characteristic passion and enthusiasm. Viewers familiar with Peters'other videos won't be disappointed with this one. His message is as relevant and valuable as always. This break-the-mold thinking is expressed by a company head who feels "lucky when a customer complains," a marketer who is comforted that "competitors think we're expensive but our customers don't," and a company that increases its bottom line by "firing" several clients.

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