Think or Sink John Cleese Training Video

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Think or Sink

Think or Sink, team decision making video aim:

Think or Sink trains managers to use their team’s knowledge in the decision-making process.

Think or Sink training video summary:

In Think or Sink, a manager has made decisions on his own, rather than using his team’s experience to help him in the decision-making process. He has now lost his job due to a lack of team decision making training. His manager asks him what went wrong and John Cleese explains that it was plain bad luck. The real truth is that John Cleese didn’t look to his team for inspiration and ideas in the decision-making process, which lead to the product’s downfall. In this John Cleese training video, viewers learn how to create competition between ideas not people. People learn to voice their doubts and communicate to the team effectively.

In Think or Sink, four stages of the team decision making process are learned: asking the right questions, creating a choice of answers, and weighing the problems and successes of each option. This team decision making video is based on the book The Professional Decision Thinker by Ben Heirs.

Think or Sink team decision making video key outcomes

-Maximize skills of team members

-Improve staff morale by listening

-Appreciate ideas of other people

-Make the right decision

-Improve efficiency and productivity


Training resources

Video (29 minutes) 
Course leader's guide (PDF)

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