The Unorganized Salesperson Series John Cleese Video

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The Unorganized Salesperson

The Unorganized Salesperson 2 Part Series 

What you Get:

  • Part 1 The Unorganized Salesperson Valuing Yourself Training DVD  (24 Minutes)
  • Part 2 The Unorganized Salesperson Valuing Your Customers Training DVD  (24 Minutes)
  • Discussion Leader's Guide (PDF) for each program


The Unorganized Salesperson helps your sales team be more organized, professional, and profitable.

Part 1 The Unorganized Salesperson: Valuing Yourself 

In Part 1, Valuing Your Customers, a 'Flash-Harry' salesman frequently shows off his expertise. He rushes from call to call and tries to satisfy every customer. His actions soon create chaos and he starts missing his appointments.

Unlike Flash-Harry, his colleague researches customers to find his target audience and those who offer the greatest opportunity for a sale. Her method produces fewer calls, even fewer individual sales, but more long-term profit for the company.

In this salesperson training video, sales staff learn how easy it is to be busy without being productive and how to manage a sales territory and call schedule.


Part 2 The Unorganized Salesperson: Valuing Your Customers

In Part 2, Valuing Yourself, 'Flash Harry' learns by valuing himself and his time, customers will see him as a specialist and value his expertise. He also learns to manage his meetings and agenda. In Part 2 of The Unorganized Salesperson, Flash Harry learns that being trustworthy is more valuable than making a random sale.


The Unorganized Salesperson Series key outcomes:

-Learn how to manage a sales territory and call schedule

-Excellent training for new salespeople and a refresher for the accomplished expert.

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