The Unified Team

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The Unified Team

Unified Team

Run time: 24 Minutes

A group of people focused on the same goal, working in harmony and sharing their success is an ideal shared by managers and employees alike. Unfortunately, its occurrence is too rare. Teams are often plagued, instead, by conflicting agendas, personality conflicts and disenchanted members.

This program provides an engaging look at the leader's role in promoting, protecting and restoring team unity. It explains that unity occurs when three basic human needs are met at the individual team member level: The Need to Achieve, The Need to Belong and The Need to Contribute.

Viewers will learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. Goals, gain personal commitment, create a member's bill of rights, teach members to resolve their own conflicts, practice continuous appreciation, and more.

Promote the feeling of ACHIEVEMENT

  • Establish S.M.A.R.T. Goals
  • Gain personal commitments from team members
  • What to do when blaming occurs

Promote the feeling of BELONGING

  • Create a team members Bill of Rights
  • Teach members to resolve their own conflicts
  • Learn how to mediate a dispute
  • Celebrate (anything) often

Promote the feeling of CONTRIBUTION

  • Uncover opportunities team members value
  • Practice continuous appreciation

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