The Ultimate Stress Show John Cleese Training Video

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The Ultimate Stress Show

The Ultimate Stress Show, stress management training video aim:

The Ultimate Stress Show teaches viewers the nature of stress and how it affects people.

The Ultimate Stress Show training video summary:

This stress management training video teaches us that pressure is part of being alive. Pressure drives us toward our goals. When pressure rises above our coping level, it becomes stress. Stress is not a good thing.

The UK reports 1/3 of employees miss work due to stress. The United States and other countries report similar findings. Stress is a large financial cost to companies and has physical costs on individuals. Employees under stress manifest negative behavioral symptoms in the workplace. The Ultimate Stress Show shows us how to reduce stress in the workplace that could possibly lead to damaging stress for the company and the employee.

This John Cleese training video introduces a variety of characters that are stressed. They are guided by a Guardian Angel through an eight-point-plan to reduce their stress levels. The Ultimate Stress Show teaches us to:

• Get priorities right

• Consider needs and workloads

• Communicate clearly

• Learn to say “No”

• Be flexible

This stress management training video demonstrates how our own behavior is stressful to others around us. When we can manage our behavior, it leads to a stress-free work environment. Admitting and correcting stressful behavior is a positive action that can help people gain personal and organization rewards.

The Ultimate Stress Show key outcomes:

-Limit potential stressors

-Change behavior patterns

-Become more positive

-Create organization harmony


Training resources

Video (24 mins) 
Course leader's guide (PDF)

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