The Sid Story

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The Sid Story Training Video

The Sid Story Training Video DVD (20 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • The Sid Story Training DVD (20 Minutes)
  • Comes in English, French Canadian, Portugese & Spanish Versions
  • Customizable PowerPoint presentation
  • Bonus material for refreshers
  • Printable Leader's Guide

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Dennis Franz stars as the grumpy manager Sid in The Sid Story Training video. He constantly focuses on what his employees are doing wrong so he can correct their behavior through punishment. Unfortunately this strategy isn’t working for Sid. In The Sid Story Training video we see he’s in charge of the night shift and his has the lowest efficiency rate in the entire organization. It’s not a big surprise he also has the highest turnover rate as well.


The Sid Story Training video Key Learning Points are:

  • Establish a positive working atmosphere
  • Explain how performance is measured and give feedback
  • Increase positive observations
  • Give employees opportunities to be winners
  • Let employees know what is expected of them


The good news is throughout The Sid Story Training video when faced with the negative feedback and skepticism of his own negativity, Sid sees the positive feedback can work a whole lot better towards getting better performances out of his men. He soon starts to practice congratulating good performances from his people so that they repeat the good work they do every day.

In The Sid Story Training video, a business consultant appears at the plant in an attempt to help Sid and is met with a lot of resistance. Sid has been doing things the same way for a long time and sees that his system is working just fine. But things can always improve and he listens to what the business consultant has to say. The Sid Story Training video depicts the kind of friction one might expect when a suit comes into a tough workplace to tell a manager how to runs things more efficiently.


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The Sid Story Training video demonstrates that boss we’ve all had. He’s grumpy, negative, and is very set in his ways. When Sid is approached about how his shift could be more productive he shrugs it off like it’s nothing. In the Sid Story Training video omen can see why Sid feels this way. There are very logical explanations why his shift has the lowest productivity rate and the highest turnover rate. It’s the night shift. It’s always that way and will always be that way.

The business consultant who visits Sid isn’t deterred and sees that maybe Sid will listen. The Sid Story Training video isn’t a piece from 60 minutes that depicts a factory gone wrong. What it does is demonstrate that if there is proper care taken for personnel then there can be some dramatic change that takes place. And that is the goal of the business consultant when he enters the picture early on in The Sid Story Training video.

There is a big difference between negative feedback and positive reinforcement. This contrast is never so illuminated than in The Sid Story Training video. The focus on Sid is in how as a manager he seems to garner a great deal of pleasure from finding fault with his men and then punishing them for it. What has been proven over and over again however is that the opposite approach works best in management best practices.

When poor performance is noticed and punished it calls attention to it but now that behavior has become the focus. There is no action to repeat. In fact in The Sid Story Training video we see how often negative feedback does not work. Employees become focused on what they are doing wrong and don’t seem to know if the other actions they are doing right are correct. No one mentioned those. It’s not about a cheerleading competition for managers. In The Sid Story Training video it’s all about getting good performance repeated.

The Sid Story Training video shows that even government management training as featured in studies increases  productivity and improved moral only come from consistently repeating great performances. Employees learn in The Sid Story Training video that they can have measurable results they can aim for to have success in the careers. So with this comes accountability. Employees learn in The Sid Story Training video that teammates can count on them and they can count on their teammates. Plus with a method of performance standards set up, each employee knows when they are falling behind and don’t require negative feedback.