The Right Words at the Right Time-Customer Service Recovery for Government

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Customer Service Recovery for Government

What's Included: chaptered DVD, CD-ROM with Leader's Guide PDF and PowerPoint Presentation, 10 Reminder Cards
(Program length: 15 minutes)


Topics: Customer Service, Government

From showing empathy and truly listening, to exploring with permission-phrases and presenting options, employees will learn how to match the signals they send to the words they say. A wide variety of realistic public sector scenes demonstrate the use of the "right words at the right time" to overcome almost any service recovery challenge.

Situations Covered:

  • A caller threatens a lawsuit.
  • A citizen claims race is a factor in his application denial.
  • A business owner is upset that her permit is denied.
  • A veteran is offended by a scheduling delay.
  • A citizen claims he was next in a service line.
  • A customer makes unwanted advances with a personal gift.
  • An applicant won't end her cell phone conversation.

Employees will learn how to use the Right Words to:

  • Send the 3 Signals
    "I Care"
    "I Understand"
    "You Can Trust Me to take care of this"
  • Stay Polite and Professional
    When the customer is Rude
    When the customer is Clueless
    When you can't say, "Yes"

Having the exact words handy in a tense situation can make all the difference. Often, it is WHAT you say, as well as HOW you say it.


Key Learning Points

  • Teaches government employees how to serve the public professionally
  • Shows how to react and recover when the situation is a complaint
  • Helps everyone in the agency represent and serve their citizen-customers

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