The Practical Coach

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The Practical Coach

The Practical Coach Video DVD (21 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • The Practical Coach Training DVD (21 Minutes)
  • Chaptered scenes
  • Leader's Guide on CD-Rom
  • Workbook
  • 10  Pocket Reminder Cards

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The Practical Coach video focuses great energy on what inspires employees to do what’s best for the team and to attain their goals. This can be detailed in encouraging, challenging and correcting team members. When it comes down to it, the essence of coaching is letting the people you manage know they matter and make a difference to you.

The Practical Coach sees the basis of consistent work and behavior is to get good work to be repeated. The Practical Coach does this by praising employees unabashedly and finding them performing their tasks in an amazing fashion. But don’t wait until its perfect to do so. Like in The Practical Coach video you don’t wait for a baby to run a four-minute mile before giving them praise for their first steps. That is what gets them to their next goals.

The role-plays in The Practical Coach video teach employees to not just reward good and great performances but to critique under achieving work. It is important that this is done in a fashion that does not discourage the employee. They have to believe that great performance is within them and their grasp and that it is expected of them.

There are two incredible philosophies in The Practical Coach video. Firstly, if you see it then you should absolutely say it. This makes performance feedback immediate and creates greater opportunity for the employee to remember it and repeat it. The second is when a manager sees poor performance he or she needs to make it positive and private.




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The Practical Coach takes a very direct yet sympathetic style to managing people. Yes, the The Practical Coach video deals with some difficult subject matter such as how to manage an employee with personal body odor issues. This can get personal but if handled properly as in The Practical Coach it can actually be something that not only turns around that particular problem but also helps build confidence in other areas. There are coaching schools managers can send coaches to but this is best for in house training.

The great thing about The Practical Coach is it’s not too heavy. The depictions are handled in a light-hearted style where employees get to team leaders in a sympathetic light. After all managers are only trying to inspire performance that will garner the results the employee desires. And that’s exactly what happens in The Practical Coach video.

In The Practical Coach there are presented the everyday challenges that a supervisor must face in regards to leadership skills. But they also highlight all the finer points and rewards of being a coach, leader or manger that cares. And that is the point in The Practical Coach video. Showing managers that if they deliver their feedback and cater their responses to the employee from a place that cares, great things can happen.

The Practical Coach helps participants recall the great coaches who helped them along the way. Where would we be without them? These are some of the most powerful and influential people we will have in our lives. They help us go where we could not go otherwise. In The Practical Coach video we see how those who were coached now can give back and help determine the fates of employees counting on us to help them get where they want to go.

In the final analysis what The Practical Coach video does is help open the lines of proper communication between mangers and employees. The Practical Coach video demonstrates that first you should state what you have observed. Then it is vital to wait for their response. Really understand where they are coming from. It may explain your next question and it’s better to get that from them and get more feedback than to drone on and on.

Next, The Practical Coach reminds them of the goal and why they are here. This inspires motivation and often in itself helps employees see the bigger picture of what they can accomplish listening to the feedback. The Practical Coach encourages managers to ask for a specific solution to the problem so action can be taken. And lastly agree together on the action to be taken.