The New Business of Paradigms Second Edition-Includes All Three Versions

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The New Business of Paradigms Second Edition

The New Business of Paradigms Training Video-Second Edition DVD (21 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • 21 minute DVD of this New Classic Edition
  • 26 Minute DVD of the Classic Edition
  • 18 Minute DVD of the 21st Century Edition
  • Electronic Fieldbook PDF
  • Trainers Toolkit on CD
  • Leader's Guide PDF
  • Power Point Presentation

The new 2013 version of Joel Barker’s classic The New Business of Paradigms is here! You will see a cleaner, more visually stimulated work with high definition, and formatted for wide screen viewing. The message of the program has been refined and even the support materials are new and updated. Now The New Business of Paradigms has a stunning new look and really engages audiences even more than before.

Joel Barker has helped companies deal with change and also create powerful paradigm shifts of their own to generate greater success. Companies that don’t pay attention to these paradigm shifts fall behind their competitors. The example of the Swiss Watch industry rejecting digital watches caused them to lose their market share to Japanese watch makers. These and other powerful examples are used by Joel Barker to illustrate just how powerful paradigms shifts are and how they are created.

When you purchase Joel Barker’s The New Business of Paradigms you receive this new version called The Classic Edition, PLUS a second new video The 21st Century Edition FREE. This edition provides all new examples of change and paradigm shifts all provided by Joel Barker. With these three programs on change the opportunities are limitless.



Paradigms are useful

Don’t let our paradigm become the paradigm

You can choose your own paradigms

Paradigms are common

Shifting to new paradigms takes immense courage

Outsiders are generally the ones who create new paradigms


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