The Massey Triad

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The Massey Triad

PROGRAM 1: "What You Are Is Where You Were When"
In this program, Massey investigates the role of the past by explaining the three self-programming periods each young individual goes through in developing a value system. These gut-level feelings guide our adult behavior, determine our worldview, and influence how we feel about what is normal and abnormal. 69 minutes

PROGRAM 2: "What You Are Is Not What You Have To Be"
Massey profiles two unique generations within our society: "traditionalists" and "rejectionists." In this investigation of the present, he focuses on why the value of work, job commitment and individual performance varies with different age groups, and describes how Significant Emotional Events can change gut-level values. 64 minutes

PROGRAM 3: "What You Are Is Where You See"
Dr. Massey continues his exploration of values programming into the future by showing you how to redefine, redesign and recreate your future by shifting from the point of view imposed by your past to a new and more objective viewpoint. 58 minutes



  • Improve communication & understanding among diverse groups and Improve employee morale
  • Unlock the puzzle of human behavior
  • Encourage cooperation and teambuilding

Each of these videos are also available for purchase/rental individually.

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