The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great

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The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great

The Extraordinary Leader demystifies leadership and explains five key insights that distinguish a truly extraordinary leader from a good or "average" leader.

This program, based on the extensively researched book by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, will help leaders shift their way of thinking about leadership from the conventional idea that leaders are born, to the fact that anyone can be a great leader. They concluded that leaders who just move from "good" to "a little bit better" don’t make much of a difference. It’s not until one becomes a "great" leader that there will be a significant impact.

After viewing this video, employees will know how to:

  • Articulate the difference between good leaders and great leaders
  • Describe and explain the five key insights about leadership
  • Define the 16 competencies of high performing leaders
  • Understand the concept of Powerful Combinations of Strengths and their importance to leadership effectiveness
  • Explain the difference between weaknesses and fatal flaws
  • Apply strengths and behaviors that demonstrate leadership effectiveness in workplace situations

Program Includes: 25 min. video & DVD, Facilitator Guide with 1-hr, 1-day, and 2-day agenda options, Reproducible Participant Materials, Reproducible Self-Study Workbook, PowerPoint presentation available for download, Industry versions of case study available for download

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