The Discovering the Future Series

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The Discovering the Future Series

The Discovering the Future Series is a 4 part series:

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The Business of Paradigms

Great ideas are emerging all around us. Some could open doors to incredible possibilities. Some could cancel nearly every competitive advantage we thought we had. And yet these ideas, which have the power to transform the way we live and work, are often invisible to us.

By helping us to understand our paradigms--the filters through which we experience the world--The Business of Paradigms helps us see opportunities that we have never seen before.


The Power of Vision

How did a prisoner find the will to survive hell on earth--Auschwitz concentration camp--so he could help others find the meaning of life? How did most of the sixth graders at P.S. 121 in Harlem, where few students had finished high school, beat the odds and go on to college? How do organizations inspire employees to be more than observers, to choose to actively create their futures?


The Power of Vision demonstrates that having a positive vision of the future is the most forceful motivator for change--for success--that companies, schools, communities, nations and individuals possess.

Paradigm Principles

You may know that profound change--a paradigm shift--will one day transform the way you do business. The trouble is that new paradigms show up long before they are needed or wanted, and we usually recognize them only when we are in crisis.

Paradigm Principles takes you from being aware of the power of paradigms to having the tools to harness that power.

Paradigm Pioneers

Business used to be like the Old West. After the pioneers blazed new trails, settlers behind them would call out, "Is it safe yet?" When the pioneers called back, "Yes, it’s safe now!," the settlers would follow, benefiting from the pioneers’ risk-taking.

In Paradigm Pioneers, futurist Joel Barker shows that in the 21st century, settlers will be at the highest risk. When the followers call out, "Is it safe out there?" the pioneers will answer, "Sure--but there’s nothing left for you!"

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