The Courage to Coach training video

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The Courage to Coach Training video

The Courage to Coach

This business coaching video focuses on when it's difficult to make decisions involving employees - times when it takes courage to confront the problem and coach the employee to better performance.

The Courage to Coach is a simple, easy-to-understand program about dealing with difficult employee dilemmas. It takes courage to be a manager or supervisor and this video will teach your managers how to work with the employees they supervise and make the tough decisions necessary to be an effective manager.

The coaching video outlines a targeted five-step process for coaching that will work in any employee performance situation. It begins with a crucial first step--call it like you see it. Your managers will also learn how to reach an agreement on the problem, put together an action plan to remedy the problem and follow up with the employee.

The program allows your managers and supervisors to watch and learn through the program's vignette style. They will be able to see many common situations that could occur in your workplace including managing an employee who has does talented work yet their attitude makes them impossible to work with, managing someone who used to be a peer but now works for you, managing someone younger, managing a problem employee who doesn't seem to get it. These are just some of the circumstances your managers will learn how to handle.

Training Points:

  • How to begin to deal with a problem situation and to start a coaching conversation.
  • Coach someone with an attitude problem.
  • Handle employees who won't take you seriously.
  • Motivating someone who does a good job to do even better
  • How to use documentation with poorly performance employees

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