The Best of Motives Series (Parts 1 and 2)

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The Best of Motives Series (Parts 1 and 2)

The Best of Motives Part 1 and Part 2 – John Cleese Training Video Aim:

The Best of Motives trains managers to inform their teams, thus increasing motivation and productivity.

The Best of Motives Part 1 and Part 2 Video Summary:

Research shows the two most common complaints in organizations are: “Nobody ever tells us” And “Nobody ever asks us”. The Best of Motives deals with both of these issues and provides resolutions. The Best of Motives Part 1 covers “No One Ever Tells Us”. Best of Motives Parts 2 deals with “No One Ever Asks Us”. The lesson learned is people need goals to achieve and not just daily tasks to perform in order to be productive, successful, and motivated to achieve results for the business.

The Best of Motives Part 1: Nobody Ever Tells Us. A manager thinks his staff is lazy and needs constant direction. He doesn’t realize the problem is himself as a manager. He has failed to put their roles into context. When he receives the same treatment he has been dishing out from his own fitness instructor, he realizes he needs to develop a more motivational technique. In The Best of Motives Part 1, managers will realize they need to keep people informed, learn to measure performance, and offer praise and encouragement.

The Best of Motives Part 2: Nobody Ever Asks Us. The second part of this John Cleese training video shows how projects fail when managers take on too much responsibility. In order for a project to succeed, the entire team needs to help decide courses of action. Managers will learn how to open up and let go. They will learn how to welcome suggestions, request help, and properly utilize the skills of their team.

The Best of Motives Part 1 and Part 2 Benefits

The Humorous message is easily remembered

Realistic workplace scenarios are easy to relate to

Perfect for managers with responsibilities for a team Managers learn to empower their staff

Package Includes: Two Best of Motives DVDs (Part 1 = 28 minutes and Part 2 = 31 minutes), meeting break video, course leader’s guide, delegate worksheets on disk, PowerPoint slides on disk and self-study workbook on disk.

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