Survival Skills for the Future

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Survival Skills for the Future


In this video, Jennifer James teaches the skills that you and your organization need to succeed. Her witty approach incorporates cultural metaphors such as The Lone Ranger and Sleeping Beauty to illustrate essential points. You’ll get an opportunity to understand what influences and affects your world and business today. Learn how to use perspective, energy and safety to think one step ahead - and to use distinctly different ways of thinking in order to solve old problems. 


"You will watch this more than once. The video is technically polished. All told Survival Skills for the Future should be a superb discussion starter, useful in management settings as well as the classroom. Now I think I will watch it again." VIDEO RATING GUIDE FOR LIBRARIES 

"...James preaches the change-management pleasantly as I’ve see it done. If you find yourself in the market for (a film) that will engagingly explain to your employees that any change should always be ’integrated’ and never struggled against, (this) would be a pretty good bet." - TRAINING 

Key Learning Points

  • Understand what change is
  • See how change affects each of us
  • Learn steps for managing change

This program is part of the Jennifer James Collection which includes four of our top-rated Jennifer James programs!

Purchase Includes

  • DVD (22 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide
  • A copy of the book "Thinking In The Future Tense" by Jennifer James (while supplies last)

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