Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter

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Succeeding in a Changing World with John Kotter

Are you facing change in your industry? Do some of the members of your team resist change? How can your organization deal with the increasing pace of change? 

In this award-winning video, bestselling business author and Harvard Business School Professor John Kotter will help you understand change - and succeed in a changing world. Professor Kotter has studied and helped thousands of individuals and organizations understand and implement change. Now in this "Succeeding In A Changing World," he explains how you can accelerate the process in your organization.

By using examples of specific organizations, he will explain why it is critical to be open to change. He will show you how change efforts can be effective. Finally, he will outline his eight-step plan of action for leaping boldly forward in a turbulent world:

  1. Increase Urgency

  2. Build the Guiding Team

  3. Get the Vision Right

  4. Communicate for Buy-In

  5. Empower Action

  6. Create Short-Term Wins

  7. Don't Let Up

  8. Make Change Stick

Through compelling real-life stories, you will learn how companies like Rockwell Collins, Berkshire Hathaway, and Southwest Airlines have been able to change and succeed. You will also hear how other organizations (Polaroid, and the US Labor Movement) have failed to meet the challenges of change.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand how change is affecting us and why we need to embrace it
  • Learn how several organizations implemented change and succeeded
  • Develop an eight-step process with concrete strategies to help your organization become excited about change


  • Succeeding In A Changing World Leader’s Guide
  • 10 reminder cards which recap John Kotter's Eight-Step Process for Change
  • 24 Minute DVD (also includes bonus 20-minute Q & A with John Kotter)
  • 1 Copy of John Kotter's new book "Our Iceberg Is Melting"

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