Stuck on Quality John Cleese Training Video

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Stuck on Quality

Stuck On Quality, empowering staff quality training video aim:

Stuck on Quality teaches companies that empowering their staff to make decisions will increase quality and increase customer satisfaction. Welcome to Qualiponent. It's a company where quality posters are seen everywhere, but where quality itself is rarely seen by customers. Top management at Qualiponent could use a reality check, and they're about to get one in Stuck On Quality.

Stuck on Quality training video summary:

Stuck on Quality takes place at Qualiponent, a company that promotes quality on posters, but hardly puts it into action. In this humorous quality training video, a major customer arrives to tell Qualiponent that she’ll be taking her business elsewhere. During her meeting with management, she points out that empowering staff to make decisions allows them to provide better customer service.

Stuck on Quality shows us that total quality can only be achieved by focusing on the customer, not internal procedures. Employees must be equipped with criteria to help them perform their duties and not rely on upper management to make all the decisions. To provide total quality to customers, companies must replace the chain of command with a “chain of confidence”.

Stuck on Quality, empowering staff quality training video key outcomes

-Quality is a key component to customer service

-Learn show to empower staff to improve customer service

-Demonstrating confidence in staff improves motivation and productivity  


Training resources

Video (25 mins) 
Course leader's guide (PDF)

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