So You Want to Be a Success at Selling Series John Cleese Training Video

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So you want to be a Success at Selling

So You Want to Be a Success at Selling 4 Part Series

What you Get:

  • Part 1 The Preparation Training DVD (26 minutes) 
  • Part 2 The Presentation Training DVD (25 minutes) 
  • Part 3 Difficult Customers Training DVD (25 minutes) 
  • Part 4 Closing the Sale Training DVD (29 minutes) 
  • Briefcase Booklets for each program
  • Discussion Guides for each program
  • Course Leader's Guide for each program
So You Want to Be a Success at Selling provides sales staff with solid core sales skills. This classic John Cleese sales training video series is ideal for new sales recruits or a refresher for skilled salespeople. Four sales training videos cover the skills needed for a successful sale.

So You Want to Be a Success at Selling

Part 1: The Preparation

John Cleese learns before people can sell effectively, they need to know their customer and how their product benefits their customer. Viewers will learn to ask open- ended questions, keep control of the conversation, and seek new opportunities to sell.

Part 2: The Presentation                                     

John Cleese teaches us to concentrate on benefits instead of features. Viewers will learn to relate products to customer needs and remain quiet once the customer agrees to the sale. 

Part 3: Difficult Customers

John Cleese shows us that everyone can be sold; it’s just a matter of knowing how to approach the customer. Viewers learn the three difficult customers: duckers, ditherers, and dictators. John Cleese shows us that a customer’s anxiety, laziness, aggressiveness, or vanity can be used to our advantage.

Part 4: Closing The Sale

This sales training video deals with closing a sale. Many salespeople delay closing for fear of rejection. This John Cleese training video shows us how to overcome that fear in numerous closing situations. Three lessons are learned. The most important lesson is to think positive and think big. The second lesson is to always ask for the order. The final lesson is to keep trying.

So You Want to Be a Success at Selling, key outcomes

-Know your customers and their needs

-Overcome obstacles and criticism when trying to close a sale 

-Learn to handle difficult customers

-Close a deal efficiently and effectively every time

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