Sexual Harassment: Handling The Complaint

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Sexual Harassment: Handling The Complaint

Comprehension - Not Litigation

Make certain your supervisors are operating with full knowledge of the law. Proof of sexual harassment training can be an effective legal defense against sexual harassment lawsuits.

Courts are holding employers and their managers liable for sexual harassment when proof of sexual harassment training and enforcement cannot be proven.

Sexual Harassment Handling The Complaint is available in a blue collar or white collar version; each version demonstrates the impact of the law in settings and situations with which your supervisors can easily identify. Settings include manufacturing plants, warehouses, construction sites and off-premises locations, office buildings, medical facilities, work pools, and off-premises environments.

This is eye-opening training that can reduce your liability and make your workplace a more harassment-free environment covering topics that include:

  • Same Sex Harassment
  • Harassment Outside the Workplace
  • Third Party
  • Non-Employee Harassment
  • Manager's Personal Liability

Important topics explained include:

  • Quid pro quo behavior
  • Title 7 legislation
  • Hostile work environment
  • Third party harassment
  • Manager's personal liability

Run Time: 25 Minutes

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