Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt with Joe Torre

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Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt with Joe Torre

Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt with Joe Torre (35 Minutes)

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  • Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt with Joe Torre Training DVD (35 Minutes)

Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt starring baseball legend Joe Torre explores the secrets to personal and professional development and lasting success.


Joe Torre defines success...

"In life, like baseball, success is a series of daily struggles and a combination of wins and losses. Yet, success in life is not the number of wins versus losses; success in life is what you learn from the wins and losses."

Joe Torre has proven time and again that losses do not determine our future as long as we view them with the proper perspective.

Joe Torre shares how to bounce back from adversity...

"In baseball, for example, it is considered an amazing achievement if you lose fewer than 60 games in a season. In 1998, my players and coaches woke up a third of the season with the awful feeling of defeat, and yet it was the year that the New York Yankees broke the major league record for most victories."

Joe Torre has learned that even our losses can contribute to future success if we understand the importance of making each experience a chance for growth.

Joe Torre shows how to learn from every opportunity...

"I've been in baseball for 46 years and played and managed six thousand games, and through winning and losing, success and failure, I have learned from every opportunity, and over the years developed a philosophy on success that I believe is applicable to each of us, whether we are in baseball, business or just trying to make it in life".

In Sacrifice is Not Just a Bunt, Joe Torre takes the audience on a journey through the essential lessons he has learned throughout his personal and professional life, and illustrates each with entertaining and poignant anecdotes that make these lessons impossible to forget.

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