Quality, Why Bother? John Cleese Training Video

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Quality Why Bother

Quality, Why Bother? Training Video DVD (11 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • Quality Why Bother Training DVD (11 Minutes)
  • Leader's Guide 
  • Trainer's Workbook

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Quality, Why Bother? with John Cleese provides quality training to employees teaching them valuable lessons as to how quality affects everyone in the company.  Quality, Why Bother? with John Cleese is based on a TV personality creating a program about quality.  This quality training program shows how everyone involved affects the quality of the program, from the cameraman to the typist.  Quality, Why Bother? Is a quality training video where viewers will learn to value the company’s product or service, that each person’s contribution matters, quality benefits everyone involved, and that quality is the responsibility of everyone in the company.


Quality Why Bother Key Training Points:

  • Quality isn’t the responsibility of one person
  • Quality gives a competitive advantage 

  • Attention to detail is crucial in prevent errors 

  • The key is Communication 

  • Everyone should be treated as a customer 

  • Advance preparation is tantamount


So Quality Why Bother touches upon a subject that is very interesting to business owners and not as interesting to managers. The reason? Because quality is about doing things better in tiny increments that make biog differences down the long road ten or fifteen years later. And who could blame them? Most managers have enough fires to put out today to worry about tomorrow much less a decade from now. Which is what makes Quality Why Bother John Cleese training video such an interesting piece of work

If a company can focus on the small things that lead to success it can also be habit forming. Quality Why Bother is supported by a cast on a TV show that is talking about quality and how much of a major turning point it can be for an organization. But what is tough about following the Quality Why Bother template is that change isn’t easy although the rewards are high. The Quality Why Bother is well worth it.





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