Paradigm Pioneers

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Paradigm Pioneers

Business used to be like the old west. After the pioneers blazed new trails, settlers behind them would call out: “Is it safe yet?” When the pioneers called back: “Yes, its safe now.”, the settlers would follow, benefiting from the pioneers risk-taking.

In Paradigm Pioneers, futurist Joel Barker shows that in the 21st century, settlers will be at the highest risk. When the followers call out: “Is it safe out there?”, the pioneers will answer: “Sure but there's nothing left for you!”

You don't have to create your industry's next paradigm shift to be a pioneer. But you can succeed if you know how to spot emerging paradigms and have the intuition, courage, and persistence to bring them into practical application.

Paradigm Pioneers identifies the essential traits of these trail blazers and discusses how you can become one.

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