Not Everyone Gets A Trophy by Bruce Tulgan

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Not Everyone Gets A Trophy

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy Training Video (29 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • Not Everyone Gets a Trophy Training DVD (29 Minutes)
  • 10 Pocket Reminder Cards
  • 1 Leader's Guide on CD-rom
  • 1 Participant Guide on CD-rom
  • 1 Self-Study Guide on CD-rom
  • 1 Customizable PowerPoint Presentation

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy deals with managing a generation that has its own set of expectations in the workplace that may differ from that of their managers. Bruce Tulgan asks the question, “How do you manage a generation of employees that possess their own agenda and have the expectation that they will be rewarded despite their experience, performance or action they take at work?” He also asks, “How do you training a new employee when they don’t believe in doing any grunt labor, waiting for their turn in line, paying their dues or coming to work on time?”

A lot of business leaders expected tat the rough economy would shake things up so that young candidates for positions would change their attitude towards the workforce. They didn’t. The young high maintenance generation of employees is here and they’re here to stay. So Bruce Tulgan has developed a strategy on how to manage them properly.

Close to 25% of the workforce is comprised of this new generation of employees and the number just keeps growing. Managers have to accept that a new style of leadership is required to deal with this segment of the population that has invaded the workforce. It has to be managed. These people are the future of your business and with the tools in Not Everyone Gets A Trophy your managers can turn them into superstar employees that actually make a he difference in your organization.

Not Everyone Gets A Trophy with Bruce Tulgan takes an intelligent yet humorous look a the challenges that managers face in training and leading this new generation in the workforce. Tulgan is recognized as an innovator and leading expert on managing this very high maintenance workforce. The program is enthusiastic and solves problems on how to manage young employees and doesn’t just identify what is wrong. Not Everyone Gets A Trophy helps an organization take this generation’s workforce and turn it into a high performing workforce.


Managers can help young employees will earn trophies by

-Unbundling complex roles

-Being a strong, engaging leader

-Clearly illustrate your structure and boundaries for them

-Discuss performance in regards to reward

-Engage and explain how they can earn what they want


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