No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer John Cleese Video

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No Complaints

No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer, complaint training video aim:

No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer shows employees how to handle complaints, prevent complaints from reoccurring, and stop customers from taking their business elsewhere.

No Complaints? Complaints & The Customers training video summary:

Research shows one in ten transactions ends in a complaint. No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer teaches the behavioral aspect of dealing with complaining customers and reveals that properly handled complaints lead to better relationships with customers. This complaint training video features amusing realistic scenarios and provides staff with five learning steps to solving customer complaints. Set at Parker & Gibbs retail outlet, staff members are receiving complaints from internal and external customers. The existing solution is a complaints form. The unsympathetic response angers the complaining customer. Soon the staff realizes that customers need to let off steam, not fill out forms. To keep situations under control the staff begin to take complaints seriously, showing sympathy, listening, and agreeing on a solution.

In No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer, the problems just keep rolling in for Parker & Gibbs. They miss a scheduled delivery, fail to ask questions, fail to solve problems, and fail to check up on agreed solutions. Eventually, the staff members get it all right. This hysterical John Cleese training video reinforces customer service techniques and shows a number of common mistakes to the audience. The lesson learned is internal and external staff needs to know how to deal with complaints properly.

No Complaints? Complaints & The Customer key outcomes:

• Sympathize with the customer

• Listen to customers

• Ask questions

• Find an agreeable solution

• Follow through

• Develop the right attitude

• Improve customer service

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