More Than A Gut Feeling IV

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More Than A Gut Feeling IV Interview Training Video

More Than A Gut Feeling IV Interview Training Video  (28 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • 28 minute DVD
  • Training Leader’s Guide, quizzes and PowerPoint set (on DVD)
  • Slide Rule of Interviewing Questions
  • How-To Book


More Than a Gut Feeling IV is the November 2013 release based on the interviewing classic by Dr. Paul Green. This program is about creating proper interviewing techniques and strategies to take the guesswork and “gut feeling” out of the interviewing process.

This approach is behavioral based I interviewing because it demonstrates ways to learn specific examples of the candidates decision making process and performance to see how they will perform in the future. More Than a Gut Feeling IV is a key ingredient to helping organizations win the war for great talent. In this brand new version of More Than a Gut Feeling IV there is a new focus of uncovering behavioral predictors and vetting employees through a thorough job analysis by developing behavioral based interviewing questions.

More Than a Gut Feeling IV possesses a wealth of job-related interviewing techniques that help staff learn how to find the right person for the job the first time and save the company time and money. Employees learn how to refrain from selecting a candidate by gut feeling by asking detailed specific job related questions, probing of these behavioral predictors, maintaining control of the interview, and even using silence. The More Than a Gut Feeling IV training video is essential to using the proper interviewing techniques as well as remaining within the legal parameters to find the best candidate.


Key Points:

Understand the importance of developing a structured interview game plan

Plan a structured, logical interview plan based on knowledge of the job

Recognize that behavioral examples are specific life-history events that help to determine the presence or absence of a skill set

Learn how to probe deeper to uncover behavioral predictors

Implement interviewing techniques to keep control of the interview

Staff learn the importance of candidate selection based on facts and not gut feeling.

Understand the concept of the best prediction of future behavior is past behavior.

Learning what legally can and cannot be asked in the interview

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