More Bloody Meetings

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More Bloody Meetings

More Bloody Meetings Training Video (28 Minutes)

What you Get:

  • More Bloody Meetings Training DVD (28 Minutes)
  • Diskette with Worksheets
  • Self-Study Workbook and PowerPoint Slides
  • Course Leader's Guide (PDF)
  • Delegate Worksheets
  • PowerPoint slides 
  • Self-study workbook


More Bloody Meetings training video is a hilarious program showing the necessity of involving everyone in decisions and ensuring they understand vital information at all stages of the decision-making process. Most staff members hate attending meetings because the meeting conductors are untrained. With proper meetings training, your staff will know how to conduct productive meetings.

More Bloody Meetings, Meeting Training Video summary:

Building on its companion meetings training series, Meetings, Bloody Meetings, this meetings training video sees the return of John Cleese, a guilty manager who dreams he is back in court charged with neglecting the human side of meetings. In More Bloody Meetings, John Cleese is brought in on three charges: failure to control a meeting, failure to keep a meeting on track, and failure to allow everyone to contribute to the meeting. His actions are replayed as evidence in the courtroom.

During the meeting flashback, he fails to prevent an argument, allows the discussion to go into a tirade, and consequently made a poor decision. There is no doubt he is guilty as charged. More Bloody Meetings can be viewed on its own or with its companion, Meetings Bloody Meetings. This John Cleese training video is suitable for any employee that is responsible for conducting meetings.

More Bloody Meetings key outcomes:

• How to control meetings

• How to keep meeting focus to the topic at hand

• Allow everyone to contribute to the meeting

• Achieve purpose in your meetings

• Make meetings more productive

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