Meet on Common Ground

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Meet on Common Ground

Meet On Common Ground Video DVD (22 Minutes)

What You Get:

  • Meet On Common Ground Training DVD  (22 Minutes)
  • Vignettes without narration
  • Facilitator Guide (multiple agenda options)
  • PowerPoint Presentation on CD-ROM
  • Reproducible Participant Materials
  • Reproducible Self-Study Guide
  • Online Program Resources
  • Trainer Pack
  • Ten Foam Puzzles

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Don’t allow inappropriate or illegal diversity situations in the workplace. Recognize, respond and respect these issues with this upfront training video that will teach you and your employees the right skills that will lead towards a respectful and comfortable work environment.

M.E.E.T on common ground with your fellow colleagues; focus on understanding one another and work on communication. Diversity should be taken advantage of in a positive way! Learn from each other. Respect each other.

Four Step Process

         Make time to communicate and converse

         Learn from differences

         Take Responsibility for your actions

         Respect others and encourage them


Meet on Common Ground helps employees see their own and other fellow employees at theie best and also see possible inappropriate conduct in the way of illegal diversity situations. The Meet on Common Ground video helps organizations deal with these situations effectively and discreetly to correct issues in a respectful manner. It focuses on giving employees practical skills so they are able to discern what behavior is acceptable in the workplace. The Meet on Common Ground video helps create an inclusive workplace where all employees are valued.

The Meet on Common Ground video is the exception in the corporate world. Discussing real life scenarios in the workplace, this diversity training video breaks the mold on how to effectively correct employee behavior. The program is poignant in its depiction of situations like speaking a different language in front of others, racial jokes made by people of the race being made fun of and how and why these issues alone can lead to uncomfortable problems. Most of all Meet on Common Ground finds what we all have in common. This is why the Meet on Common Ground video is used to assist more organizations for diversity training than any other. Employees will learn to respond appropriately to situations using a four-step process. The Meet on Common Ground video will also provide a sense of what things bring employees so they can produce together more effectively.

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Meet on Common Ground has captured the attention of a widespread audience because it delivers results. The Meet on Common Ground video derives its title from its ability to have employees stress their similarities in the workplace rather than formulate opinions on their differences. The key elements of the Meet on Common Ground video are found in their very real situations that occur in the workplace.

So often diversity training videos won’t go for the tough problems. Meet on Common Ground goes after those uncomfortable problems that cause the actual problems. The less obvious and more difficult situations have been handled countless times with obvious answers to questions that don’t even involve a current workplace. The Meet on Common Ground video tackles such issues as how imperative it is to be very aware of who your audience is but also who is listening.

If there are people who can hear the conversations of a few individuals with established rapport and are offended this can cause great strife. In fact the jokes made at the very expense of those in the direct audience can cause the most problems with people who weren’t even supposed to hear the comments. Imagine the frustration of people telling jokes about each other and not intending to offend anyone and yet an outsider is still offended!

Meet on Common Ground gets really specific about diversity training issues regarding religion, and race as well. Sometimes people of the same race will make jokes about their race. People of another race may overhear it and be made to feel uncomfortable. The Meet on Common Ground video doesn’t dance around the issue. Those people don’t know how to respond. They know it’s not right to laugh and if they don’t comment its like they are letting this type of behavior exist in the workplace.

Handling all these issues deftly Meet on Common Ground exists for the new workplace and how we deal and interact with one another. There needs to be a template to work from that also falls within the parameters of current laws on respectful workplace and workplace etiquette. The Meet on Common Ground video is exemplary in how the problems are difficult yet the solutions are brought to viewers in a memorable and simplistic fashion. And it tackles tough new issues like gender identity diversity.

The principles of Meet on Common Ground lie in certain questions. Does this comment make others uncomfortable? Does my behavior offend a fellow co-worker? Does my interaction with one person affect another person outside that conversation or interaction? Following the guidelines of Meet on Common Ground makes all these questions answerable.