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Managing Performance Every da

Managing Performance Every Day – a performance management training video – aim:

Managing Performance Every Day shows managers how to make staff perform well on a daily basis.

Managing Performance Every Day summary:

There is more to performance management than an annual review. Many managers don’t go beyond the annual review and lack the realization that their primary responsibility is to get the best out of their team on a daily basis. This easy-to-follow, 5-step performance management training video will help managers deliver productive and quality work from their staff.

In Managing Performance Every Day, you will meet David (IT Manager) and Louise (Marketing Manager). David is laid back, too friendly, lacks consistency, and is unclear about what he wants and expects as a manger. Louise is highly organized, but does not involve her team through collaboration. As a result, she has an underdeveloped, weak team.

Both David and Louise learn an easy performance management process that goes beyond the annual review. This John Cleese training video follows David and Louise as they put the performance management process into practice and begin to see results. They quickly learned that performance management is about a shared goal among team members to achieve strategic results.

Managing Performance Every Day key outcomes

-Learn to improve daily performance

-Motivate staff members

-Better utilize staff members

-Develop performance management skills of a high standard


Training resources include

Video (25 mins) 
Trainer's guide (PDF)

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