Managing Me

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Managing Me

As each situation in this video program plays out, viewers recognize that how managers react to difficult situations often has a far greater impact on morale, retention and productivity than the way the specific problem is solved. It shows that the key to managing other people is learning how to manage yourself -- remembering that it's not what happens to you, but how you react that matters.

Managing Me shows managers and supervisors the how-to points of using their emotional intelligence skills to bring them to a higher level of Managerial Intelligence as they deal with their workers and situations. They will learn how to stop, think, ask what they're feeling... and then react with a supportive, problem-solving skillset. The outcome may determine how those they manage conduct themselves and achieve the results desired.

Key Training Points:
How you react has a far greater impact than any problem ever could.

  • When someone drops the ball... Don't attack -- Teach.
  • When everyone disagrees... Don't take sides -- Mediate.
  • When things fall apart... Don't blame -- Solve.
  • When you hear a new idea... Don't close doors -- Open doors.
  • When you run into confrontation... Don't argue -- Negotiate.
  • When bad news hits... Don't avoid -- Confront.

Run Time: 16 Minutes

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